Botta-Design TRES 24 Titan

When did everyone start wearing smartwatches and forget about the classic wristwatch that has been around for over a century? Are we no longer content with a watch being a stylistic object with simple form, function and purpose? In this increasingly technological world we find ourselves happily immersed in, sometimes, you need to be reminded of the beauty that comes with simplicity and the Botta-Design TRES 24 Titan reminds us that our time in this world can be measured in minutes and seconds not steps.

Klaus Botta the designer of the TRES watch has been working in the industry since 1986 and designs innovative yet simple watches that embody the “form follows function” principle. Botta-Design, strive to design watches that don’t add any more complexity to our day to day lives and allow us to appreciate the value of tradition. A principle that, we as consumers, should get behind.
The TRES 24 Titan is a world first 3 hand watch with a beautiful 40mm size watch face housed in a stunning titanium shell. The watch is powered by the Swiss made Ronda quartz movement with the cherry on top being the beautiful double-arched sapphire crystal glass with double-sided scratch-resistant antireflective coating.


Besides its aesthetic beauty and quality construction, you also get a very comfortable tanned vegetable Leather strap, 3ATM waterproofing and a solid 2 year warranty. However, you are probably wondering – 3 hands on this watch…what gives? Well, the TRES 24 Titan displays the entire 24-hour day on its special extra dial. With its three hands (hour, minute and second), you always have the most comprehensive account of time on your wrist.

After wearing the watch for some time now, there is something reassuring about the look and feel of a classic timepiece, it exudes a certain level of class and elegance, nay, it send the message that you care about what matters most to you, your time. The TRES 24 is not only a beautifully made watch, it gives consumers the ability to be mindful of just how little time there is in a day and we found, in our experience, that it gave us a whole new appreciation for what matters most to us in tech. – simplicity and purpose.

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