One Cut’s 12 Days of Christmas: Day 9

With Christmas approaching, we have compiled our favorite products from this past year that not only are great gifts or stocking stuffers but will also make your loved ones very happy this holiday season.

Day 9: Vobot Smart Clock with Alexa


Make your morning routine smarter this coming New Year with this brilliant A.I enabled alarm clock.

With an impressively small footprint at just 3×3 inches, this small but mighty offering packs quite the punch both in the sound and functionality departments. Complete with Wi-Fi connectivity and its own built-in rechargeable battery, it features a beautiful LED screen and a powerful 5-watt, d-class, amplified speaker.


The clock itself is operated using some clever gestures: you can simply tap the top of the device to invoke Amazon’s own Alexa assistant; hold the screen to stop an alarm and even flip it face down to get a little more snooze time in.

Speaking of Alexa, she brings some new skills to this equation as she becomes your own personalized sleep coach that can play some ambient noise to lull you to sleep. She also has the ability to set daily or weekly routines and reminders, perfect for those whose schedule may vary day to day.


Lastly, you get the usual array of tricks from Amazon’s Alexa service including the ability to play streaming music, control connected devices, check weather, read the latest news, update the traffic conditions and even find the nearest restaurant; making this a truly powerful device.

This is the perfect and affordable gift for the sloth-human hybrid in your home and a great stocking stuffer this season!

BUY yours here – Docooler Vobot Smart Alarm Clock Speakers with Amazon Alexa Voice Service WiFi 3.5mm AUX Out LED Display Black


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