One Cut’s 12 Days of Christmas: Day 8

With Christmas approaching, we have compiled our favorite products from this past year that not only are great gifts or stocking stuffers but will also make your loved ones very happy this holiday season.

Day 8: Onsen Bath Towels


The perfect gift for that special someone in your life does not have to be complex; need to be recharged nightly nor does it have to be expensive. What it should be, is something that looks and feels luxurious but at the same time is practical and thoughtful.

Onsen, want to change the way we think about towels with their take on an old classic. Their bath towels are made from beautiful premium cotton grown in the U.S.A fashioned in a distinct waffle weave and made from a material that is 45% stronger than most conventional cotton blends.


In fact, the longer fibers of the Supima cotton used in Onsen towels not only make them increasingly soft overtime but also incredibly resilient and can help prevent pilling and breaking. As it is a particularly fine cotton as well, it also absorbs dyes more readily which results in less fading over their lifetime and faster drying after use. No more musty smelling towels!

One thing we love about their towels is that they are not treated with any additional chemicals to “make them soft”, they just are naturally, thanks to that brilliant Supima cotton. They are also Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they have been tested for harmful substances by independent institutes and production has been optimized for sustainability purposes.


Not only do Onsen make great looking towels that feel extra soft, they also dry faster and hold less bacteria making these the perfect addition to any bathroom.

BUY yours here – The Onsen Bath Towel – 100% Supima Cotton, Lightweight, Cinder Grey


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