One Cut’s 12 Days of Christmas: Day 6

With Christmas approaching, we have compiled our favorite products from this past year that not only are great gifts or stocking stuffers but will also make your loved ones very happy this holiday season.

Day 6: Bleujour Kubb PC


Built by French company Bleujour, Kubb is unlike anything you have seen before in the computing space. The unique 12cm iconic cubic shape leaves a tiny footprint that wields some serious power. With a focus on offering the best computing technology – quick start up, performance, silence and low power consumption – Bleujour, have designed something that embodies the pursuit of style and aestheticism.

Each Kubb is made of two parts, both 100% manufactured in France: a base plate and an interchangeable shell. Each shell is individually laser cut, handmade and comes in some very interesting finishes including – graphite, quartz, wood and even a mirrored finish, there truly is something for everyone to like here.


The Kubb PC runs Windows 10 Pro out of the box and is powered by the latest 7th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors with varying storage sizes from 128GB to 1TB and 8GB or 16GB memory plus an Intel graphics card (Intel HD4400 – 5000). The on-board Wireless technology additionally enables you to connect with ease and thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth, it can also be directly linked to your other devices such as smartphones, tablets and printers.

There is also a plethora of connectivity options to optimize data transfer between your various external peripherals, including a USB 2.0, 3.0 and USB type C port. There is a convenient mini display and HDMI port for connecting a HD monitor or displays and a very welcome LAN port as well as two powerful external Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antennas.


For those that don’t want bulky home PC’s clogging up their office space, there really is nothing else out there like this. You will have to add your own monitor, mouse and keyboard but this small but mighty product can meet even the most intensive users computing needs with ease.

BUY yours at

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