One Cut’s 12 Days of Christmas: On the eve of Christmas!

With just 1 shopping day remaining until Christmas, we have compiled our favorite products from this past year that not only are great gifts or stocking stuffers but will also make your loved ones very happy this holiday season.

Day 1: Mugsy Jeans


It is important to dress it up over the Christmas period, however, that doesn’t have to mean wearing stuffy uncomfortable dress pants or slacks! One company wants to outfit you in premium denim that is superior and more comfortable than any pant you have worn before!

Let’s face it, for many men, the go to pant of choice is the straight leg or standard fit jean. A boxy, non-flattering affair that only looks good a few times and then stretches out and looses any resemblance of shape. Then there is the equally unforgiving skinny jean, a tight, crotch hugging and uncomfortable take on making us look like we are wearing leggings – no thanks! Mugsy Jeans, have managed to strike the perfect balance between a slim, clean, and stylish fit that leaves room for the twig and berries and more importantly look great!


Available in different colors and styles including denim and more dressier chinos, what makes these pants so comfortable is their different fits. First there is the slim fit – catering to those who seek a not too baggy, not too tight, middle ground approach. Or, alternatively, there is an athletic fit – a loose yet tailored look suitable for those who seek a little extra room but without the bagginess. Both provide great versatility with an unparalleled responsive stretch that feel as good as wearing a pair of sweatpants but with a lot more style!

Best of all, Mugsy jeans, also include deeper pockets allowing one to easily carry their cellphone, wallet, keys, and the like and the naturally tapered look and no shrink guarantee promise, really flatters any person wearing them, despite height or weight! These truly are the perfect pair of pants!

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So, look your best this Festive season with a truly awesome addition to your wardrobe!

BUY yours here – Mugsy Jeans – Fultons Dark Blue Jeans – Super Flexible, Comfortable, Stylish


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