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156 products! That is how many reviews it took to come to a verdict on what we think was the best product release of 2018. Deciding on this was no easy task either, this number does not include bundled review specials of more than one product and in a year where smart technology and A.I was flourishing, there were some truly great products we reviewed. We covered everything from luggage to massage chairs, athletic wear and home Wi-Fi solutions and if there is one thing we learned this past year, it is this – every company is driven by the fearless desire to innovate and bring consumers something different or new to the market. This could not be more evident than with the One Cut Product of the Year – The Motiv Ring


We first reviewed the Motiv ring back in September and since then it has been one of the few products that has literally not left our finger. For the unaccustomed, the Motiv ring is a game changer in the fitness tracking world, with its ability to track a persons’ fitness, sleep and heart rate unobtrusively all from your desired ring finger. At less than 0.1 inches thick, the ring is constructed from beautiful titanium that is fully waterproof up to 165 feet (5 ATMs) and features an impressive 3-day battery life that can be charged very quickly thanks to the ultra slim USB charging dock in just 90 minutes.


The real power of the Motiv ring lies in its ability to do all the things a smartwatch could do without being cumbersome to wear during day to day use. Somehow, the folks at Motiv managed to squeeze some high end tech into their device that was not only on par but even better than some of the best in the game and accurate to a fault too! The ring features a 3-axis accelerometer and heart rate tracker that works in unison with their proprietary app to collect data on users’ Active Minutes and Activity types; Heart rate; Calories Burned; Steps; Sleep Duration, Distance and more. We continue to be impressed by not only its versatility but the ring’s ability to record these metrics and when placed side by side with the much pricier Apple Watch Series 4, even bested it in some categories. This was especially the case with the heart rate sensor which is among one of the best we have seen in a device such as this and regularly monitors your heart rate right from your finger, which Motiv claims is more accurate as there is less obstruction between the sensor (hair) and your skin, which we also found to be true.


We also still love Motiv’s approach to syncing the data it collects with their very clever and battery saving Sync on-demand feature, where you simply rotate the ring around your finger a few times, and pertinent data is transmitted to the very intuitive app. You can still use Motiv’s latest Bluetooth technology and sync with your phone periodically in the background if you prefer, however, this is just not as efficient, but still had no major impact on performance. It is also worth noting that since we have had the device, we have had some convenient wireless over the air updates for the ring which have brought even more functionality, minor big fixes and new features including Alexa integration and new biometric security options that mean the ring can be used to log in to some of your favorite websites.


So, to conclude, the Motiv ring stood above and beyond the other products we reviewed this year as a great all-round option for those who want to get serious about their health and have the data to prove it. In our opinion, Motiv is paving the way for wearable technology on the whole, it is a product that is unassuming and works with your lifestyle and the choices you make as opposed to trying to control them at every step of the way. With three different colors available and a very accessible price tag of just $199, this simply is the best fitness tracker you can buy right now and we are excited to see what the future holds for Motiv.


So, start your New Year right and BUY yours here: Motiv Ring Fitness, Sleep and Heart Rate Tracker – Waterproof Activity and HR Monitor – Calorie and Step Counter – Pedometer

*Post Script:
For those that are interested, there were some notable runner ups in the search for the Product of the Year winner, in no particular order:

1.The Google Pixel 3, for its stunning camera
2.The Synca Compact massage Chair, for its pursuit of luxury in a form factor perfect for the average home
3.Phatscooters, for our new ecofriendly way to zip around town and look like a boss!
4.Lastly, the Zyxel Multy X WiFi system for keeping us connected to the online world!

You can check out all of these reviews by using the search function at the bottom of the site.

Happy New Year!


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