All about Coffee!

In our office, we are always on the go! Writing and reviewing so much sometimes that at any given point our constitution probably has more coffee than blood running through our veins. So, needless to say we are coffee lovers! So accordingly, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our favorite Barista approved products on high rotation in our office.

Let’s start with the coffee…We tend to alternate between our two favorite brands – Kimera Koffee and Death Wish Coffee and ironically each brings their own unique spin on the classic cup of joe.


Death Wish Coffee, is how we start every morning, it is that unapologetic punch in the nether regions that fires us all up. Heralded as “The World’s Strongest Coffee”, if you need a cup of joe that is both robust and delicious than this is the way to go. Using only the best tasting and highest quality organic and fair-trade beans, our morning cup of java packs quite the punch!


Kimera Koffee, hails all the way from Jarabacoa in the beautiful Dominican Republic, an area known for high quality coffee beans. The creators set out to create a coffee that features powerful Nootropics that stimulate dopamine levels in the brain and boost cognitive function. What we love is the deeply full-bodied yet not overpowering, complex, nutty flavor of their brews. Their beans are wet processed and infused with Alpha GPC, Taurine, DMAE, and L-Theanine all which aids in boosting energy, focus and overall physical performance. It is the rock star way to boost those productivity levels throughout the day and we love it!


No real coffee lover buys already ground coffee, it takes all the fun out of creating the perfect grind and for that we use the – Conical Burr Coffee Grinder by OXO. The brilliant 40 mm stainless steel burrs create a beautifully uniform grind and with 15 different size settings from espresso to coarse French press, we can always rely on this wonderful piece of machinery to get it right! A few things that set this apart from others on the market is the ease of use with its single dial to switch between Cups Mode, Grams Mode or Manual Mode and the generous hopper that holds 16 oz of coffee beans. Best of all, this offering by OXO is not only easy to clean but is built like a tank and to last.

If you love your coffee as much as we do, these are some great products to give you that little kick in the pants you need to get your day started and keep it going!


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