Best Cases for the Pixel 3/3XL

In case you haven’t noticed, there are other phones out there besides the iPhone. I know right, crazy! One of the best Android phones on the market must be the Google Pixel 3 with its bright and vibrant OLED screen, amazing camera and A.I smarts, others simply pale in comparison. However, keeping this beautiful piece of hardware safe means a case. Here are our top 3 choices.

For Protection – The Anccer Rugged Shield RRP $15.99


This,by far,is our go to case for the Pixel 3, the beautifully slim, form fitting and superbly grippy design of this case checks all the right boxes. It is affordable, offers a great lip for both screen and camera protection and its lightweight TPU construction is very pocketable.

Anccer, have also considered the usability of the device with the case on and includes a button hollow ventilation design that dissipates heat more efficiently and can combat heat damage.

While they may not be a household name in phone accessories, take it from us, this is a truly great case!

For Power – The ZeroLemon 4700mah Battery Case RRP $39.99


For those that need more than a days’ worth of power from their device, you need look no further than ZeroLemon. Their powerful 4700mAh Li-polymer extended battery case provides 90% extra battery life to the Google Pixel 3 XL.

Unlike other cases on the market, they have redesigned their classic battery case with a new “chinless” design while still maintaining the relatively slim ergonomic TPU build they are known for. It is quite remarkable how little bulk this case adds!
You still have the classic 4 LED power indicator light on the back and the welcome ability to charge through the case via USB-C.

Also of note, is that the plain black on black design has been replaced with a pixilation pattern that gives the case some character and uniqueness we just adore.

For Productivity – The Safesleeve Anti-Radiation Wallet Case RRP $67.00


While the Safesleeve case may look like just another wallet case for the Pixel 3, it protects against 99% of RF and ELF radiation.

The cover is comprised of four separate layers of material, including Lead-free FCC accredited anti-radiation and RFID shielding material, giving added protection for your health and your security.

We love that the phone also feels protected when in the inner TPU case and that the folio cover sits flush and just above the screen when closed. Best of all, the phone can be angled in the case for a better overall viewing experience when watching Netflix marathons or cat videos on YouTube.


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