Twelve South PowerPic

We love it when companies go out of their way to design products that complement your life and not seek to rule it and it when it comes to powering up our favorite devices, wireless charging pads are not exactly subtle. Twelve South, want you to re-imagine how you can wirelessly charge your device with the their PowerPic Charger, a unique picture frame that wirelessly charges your phone.


Let’s face it, most of us have photos of our loved ones or pets on tables and nightstands around our home, they remind us of what is important; so, the concept of taking this common household object and fitting it with a fast 10-watt wireless Qi charger is not that crazy and quite clever. It also looks great too! The 5×7 frame is made from New Zealand Pine and is available in black or white and truly exudes quality. Users simply place their favorite photo behind the glass, just like any other picture frame, but when you rest your Qi-compatible phone against the glass, it starts fast charging it. *1982*


The frame itself is powered by future-proof USB type C and can be plugged into any USB outlet, computer or phone adapter. The charger also identifies foreign objects like bank cards, metal clips and the like and will alert you if these are present and preventing adequate charge. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about phones being in cases as it can charge through cases up to 3mm thick, which is very convenient. We had no issues at all charging our iPhone in an Otterbox case.


The beauty of the PowerPic is its simplicity, it seamlessly blends into any household, is very easy to set up and it just works! Technology does not need to be overly complex, it just needs to fulfill the function it was created for and meet consumer need, all those other things, like the stunning robust design of the PowerPic are welcome bonus extras. The Twelve South PowerPic, is just another great addition to their already stellar lineup of accessories for the modern technology enthusiast.

BUY yours here – Twelve South PowerPic | Picture Frame Stand with Integrated 10W Qi Charger for iPhone/Wireless Charging Smart Phones (Black)


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