Cuts Clothing – A Cut above the Rest!

As a man, finding the right fitting t-shirt is an exercise in patience and playing the odds, for everyone shirt that fits well and compliments my body shape, many others just simply won’t. Sure, they are the same size and materials used but the plain fact is this – every clothing manufacturer has their own idea of sizing and this inadvertently causes inconsistency in the market. The team at Cuts Clothing, took matters their own hands by creating something new, a product you could wear anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing comfort but most importantly fits very well!


What makes Cuts so special is their personalized shopping experience for consumers, you simply “shop by cut” where you can choose between short sleeve or long sleeve options; three bottom cuts (regular, split-hem, and elongated) and three collar options (crew, V-neck, and Henley). This versatility creates the “Goldilocks” affect for buyers, where consumers can find that “just right” fit every time!


However, Cuts is not just about a great fitting t-shirt, they also prioritize comfort, and this is thanks in part to their use of premium high stretch PYCA tri-blended fabric that provides a wrinkle-free experience, has excellent color retention, and a buttery soft hand feel. In fact, during my testing period, on more than one occasion, did I find my wife sporting my Cuts t-shirts because she said they “felt so soft”, luckily, I don’t hear that very often 😊


I was also particularly fond of their bottom cuts, given my 6ft plus frame, regular t-shirt sizing doesn’t take into account height, often resulting in me having to size up and be left wearing a bed sheet. Cuts’ offerings provide a taught fit but with the option to customize the hem, in my case, I needed their elongated hem, that gives that extra centimeter or two for better overall styling. There is also a split option, where the shirt features a split bottom hem providing more mobility and a casual yet stylish shape.


To sum up, Cuts have managed to find that perfect balance of versatility, durability, and most of all comfort that will have their consumers coming back time and again for their products. Their affordable t-shirts are stylish, fit well and are built to last and for these reasons, we have no trouble highly recommending their offerings as an affordable way to look great this Spring!

Get yours at

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