Revolution Balance Boards

Do you remember walking across objects when you were a kid because trying to keep your balance was challenging and fun? Now, it might look awkward for a full-grown adult to do something like today but that hasn’t stopped the team at Revolution Balance Boards from creating the next best thing in personal fitness. Their balance boards speak to the big kid inside us all, as they train us to improve balance, burn calories and teach you to concentrate.


The team at Revolution Balance Boards design boards that are geared towards more specific training goals, for example improvement for surfing, fitness training, tricks or to use at a standing desk, plus many others. Beyond balance there are many benefits that come from using one of their boards, this includes improved coordination, improved stability, better concentration (really, balance requires the mind to be fully engaged) burning calories, strengthening your core, and working out many lesser used muscle groups. As a result, they have recently caught the eye of fitness fanatics, trainers and athletes alike.

With a versatile selection of boards available, one thing we appreciate about their products is that each one is constructed using top quality materials and manufacturing techniques and all are handcrafted in the USA. The team also does all their R&D in house, so they know exactly what goes into each board. So how do they work? Well, by placing the board on a roller or balance disc, the user is forced to maintain equilibrium to avoid letting the board touch the ground. Not only is this one of the most effective ways to improve your balance, it forces your entire body to work together in unison and is also incredibly fun and can be performed almost anywhere.


We were given the opportunity to try their Revolution Focus Standing Desk series. With an emphasis on using eco friendly materials, the board is made from 100% natural recycled materials including flexible birch, cork cushioning and an industrial strength kraft roller. We really appreciate this approach to their products, you feel good using it and feel good buying it. The 30×12 inch board features stops on both ends of the bottom of the board to keep you from rolling too far, and lucky they did as our first few tries would have had us rolling in the next building otherwise. However, once we did get the hang of it, damn was this fun to use! We are a big fan of fitness products that don’t feel like fitness products and this just seems like you are surfing a flat board on a rolling pin and its awesome! You truly can feel the workout in your midsection and thighs as you struggle to maintain equilibrium and after a month or so, we do feel like our balance and even our posture has improved. We dig it!


The team at Revolution Balance Boards have made balancing fun again for all ages but more importantly have made it a fun fitness activity you can do anywhere, anytime. Any product that does that, will always have our seal of approval and for that reason, they are our Product of the Month for May 2019.

BUY yours here Revolution Focus | Standing Desk Balance Board (Nova)


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