The Coffee Box – Taste Real Coffee!

Anyone that regularly follows the site (and you should) knows that we LOVE good coffee, in our minds it is akin to sexual gratification, especially that early morning kickstart cup of joe. The problem is, good high quality and tasty coffee is not easy to come by in a world infested by plastic pods. However, the team at The Coffee Box, have other plans, with their coffee subscription service that will bring you only the world’s best coffee right to your doorstep.

Based in Montreal Canada, their philosophy is quite brilliant and is reliant upon the simplicity of the excitement of discovery as they strive to bring you coffees of the world in a way that is commitment free, and conducive to variety while still providing a quality product. The problem is, accessing different varieties of coffee in the world is challenging for the average consumer, therefore, The Coffee Box was created as a fast, consistent and convenient way to try something new.

Available as both One Time purchases or through their Subscription model, the team at The Coffee Box source coffee from only the most renowned locations in the world including – Columbia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Tanzania; different blends too, are roasted every month. Users can choose between the coffee’s country of origin, the roast type you want and the finish you want (bean or ground) and you will get your order of great coffee to your home or office. If you pursue their Subscription service, you will get two bags monthly of your favorite roast and blend for just $28, sized at 0.75 lb. or (340g each).

We were fortunate enough to try a few of their roasts this past month and as coffee lovers we were very impressed. The coffee was fresh, roasted to perfection and was not at all bitter or acidic, it really was the Goldilocks of coffee. We also love that the bags are an adequate size, good for approximately 2-3 weeks of daily brewing and the coffee itself is 100% natural, organic and free of allergens like Gluten and Soy. All this amounts to a taste that is premium and unlike many other mass-produced products on the market.

The Coffee Box is the type of product that is for coffee lovers, people that enjoy discovering new and exciting tastes and blends from the far reaches of the globe. This product will not only bring on some serious wanderlust but also give you that good kick in the pants we are all thankful of coffee for.

Get yours at

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