Product Spotlight: June 2019

Once a month at One Cut Reviews, we take a handful of products that have caught our attention recently and will shine a light on them and their merits. These products are fighting for the attention of the average consumer and can be weird and wonderful, but most importantly, are great value for money. Here are our finds for June to get you Summer ready!

UAG Plyo Case for iPad

Warmer weather tends to bring more outdoor adventures, and no one has you covered better for the great unknown that Urban Armor Gear. In fact, they have been making protective cases for iPhones and iPads for some time now and are highly regarded in the industry as simply the best when it comes to protecting your favorite devices.

Compatible with the iPad (2018, 9.7-inch, 6th Gen) and iPad (2017, 9.7-inch, 5th Gen) this simply stunning case builds on the heritage of the original Plyo iPhone case by offering consumers military drop-test protection (MIL STD 810G-516.6) in a feather light construction. What makes the Plyo so special is its semi translucent back, which allows you to showcase the iPad design without compromising protection.

The front cover also features UAG’s classic frog skin like grip with welcome auto wake and sleep functionality, something other case makers often overlook. Better yet, the outer ridge of the front cover also has a place to store an apple pencil, with Apple offering stylus like ability with their latest iPad iterations. Lastly, the ability to fold the front cover back and use it as a kickstand to angle the screen is nothing short of inspired and makes this the ultimate tool for someone on the go, whether its for fun or play.

Surfears 3.0

With most of us hitting the beach this Summer, nothing sucks more than getting Swimmer’s ear – that annoying sensation of not being able to clear water trapped in your ear canal. While conventional ear plugs are the go to solution to prevent this problem, they also muffle most sound, which for surfer’s especially, can be very dangerous.

Surfears, is a world first ear plug that keeps water out and still lets you hear. Claiming next to zero acoustic sound loss when used, these winged ear plugs fasten inside your ear and essentially their conical shape combined with performance mesh and a silicone ear tip prevent water entering the ear but allow sound to pass through unhindered.

This successful Kickstarter campaign set out to create the most comfortable earplug for swimmers and surfers alike and in their quest have created something special. There are also a few little adjustable bits in the pack, there’s a welcome tether to pop around your neck in case they pop out of your ears and into the drink. Also, two different colors of plugs included in the retail packaging. Red for your port-side (left) ear and green for your starboard (right) ear.

The ability to fit these to your ear shape means these have great versatility. They are indescribably comfortable to wear with little to no fussing (besides the ironically named and temperamental fixation wing) once installed. This truly is a must have Summer gift.


No one likes to fiddle fuddle trying to squeeze a power brick and charging cable into a tightly spaced hotel room just, so you can charge your device, but Chargerito has the solution.

This ultra-compact phone charger plugs into any wall socket and offers a speedy recharge for iPhones and Android devices alike, better yet, it fits so securely into the outlet, it can even support the weight of an iPad.

Best of all, the unit folds flush and can’t fit into any jean pocket or purse, no heavy external battery needed! Chargerito essentially takes your existing charging brick and cable and combines them into one svelte device and is perfect for those who are likely to forget their charger on their next vacation.

All of this is made possible for less than $25.

Biion Brights Shoes

From the Ancient Greek word meaning “life”, you will be living the good life this Summer when you have what could be the perfect Summer shoe on.

The clean and vibrant Brights shoe weighs just 4 ounces and is made from light weight and flexible EVA material with a Dual density, energy-return midsole that makes for a very comfortable ride on all terrains. This is made possible thanks to the HEXTRA-GRIP traction outsole that also gives excellent traction, strength and stability.

However, what makes the Bright so special is its built-in massage nodes that literally caress the foot with every move, but better yet, the strategic inclusion of biovents allows exceptional breath-ability and inadvertently makes this a great water shoe as well.

Available in styles for golfing, boating or your lifestyle, Biion shoes have you covered this Summer, no matter the weather or the adventure.

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