Indestructible Shoes

As the name would imply – Indestructible Shoes – are not your average pair of kicks. In fact, they are a first in the footwear industry – a pair of work shoes that you are not embarrassed to wear in public!

Created to be an “all in one” versatile shoe that blends the best elements of sneakers, work boots and slip resistant shoes, this truly original shoe is built to function in a variety of workplace environments, while maintaining the highest safety standards and protecting the consumer from workplace hazards.

Style wise, there is a lot to like about Indestructible Shoes. Coming in a variety of different designs, these lightweight and durable shoes do not feel like you are wearing a clunky protective boot at all. We were given the opportunity to try their popular Ryder offering and we can now see why the Internet is all over these right now.

Looking like a low-cut pair of Yeezys, what makes this shoe ideal for the workplace is of course its toughness. Complete with an unobtrusive steel toe, padded midsole and roomy toe box; the real star of the show is the military grade puncture resistant sole that seemingly is “indestructible”, (just see the many videos of people driving over their foot in this shoe on YouTube). This is coupled with a breathable flymesh upper that offers superb breathability you just don’t get with other safety shoes, with the icing on the cake being the super-convenient no tie lace system. All of this wrapped up in a shoe that weighs less than 1 pound!

After reviewing the Ryder this past month, we have been impressed by just how comfortable these are to wear on a day to day basis. Unlike traditional rigid work shoes, these offer exceptional flexibility and support. The impenetrable grippy sole and steel toe is reassuring but it’s the overall feeling of wearing them that impresses us the most. Not only do they look like a high end pair of street shoes, they provide the strength needed to get the job done safely and in style, and for that reason, we love them!

Indestructible Shoes, are not your average shoe for an environment where the foot needs to be protected, they are stylish; comfortable and above all else are so versatile that you may never want to take them off. This reinvention of an tired classic is worth your attention!

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  1. Luke Altimari says:

    The shoes came to me with ragged, vulnerable seams that looked like they would give out at the first sign of moisture or after only a few days hard work.
    This was very disappointing after such an excessive delivery time, and to make matters worse they are now refusing to provide a full refund for their return despite admitting they are defective and being happy for me to keep this pair and send me another pair. This tells me the shoes are very overpriced and they can still making a good profit on replacing them instead of refunding them, essentially 2 for the price of 1.
    Cheap, mass produced boots that any serious tradie should stay away from.


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