Smart Beat Video Baby Monitor with Breath Detection

Most new parents usually share a lot of anxiety when it comes to bedtime for a newborn, I myself, still check my 7-year-old every night to make sure he is breathing and have done so since the day he was born. The reality is, a parent’s biggest fear is not being able to monitor your child’s sleeping habits and health while you also try so desperately to catch up on that ever-elusive sleep. The team at Smart Beat, want to eliminate this worry with a world first in the industry – a secure, safe and easy video monitoring device specifically designed to check your child’s breathing.

Launched at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, this innovative new product was developed to help tackle the many lives lost per year from Sudden Unexpected Infant Death—including SIDS, accidental suffocation and strangulation—which are the leading causes of infant mortality in the United States.

So how does it work? Using computer vision technology to track movement, the camera can pan or tilt 355 degrees, and includes two-way audio and image capture. The camera is capable of streaming 1080p video to any mobile device and the accompanying app includes a status bar—Motion Detected, Breathing Detected, or Analyzing—that can be tapped to reveal two breathing charts. Real-Time Breathing shows a waveform of each individual breath, and Breathing Rate shows the breathing rate over time.

Smartbeat is so clever that by analyzing and reporting your child’s breathing rate, it can also offer parents a window into their infant’s overall wellness. As breathing rate is the first vital sign to change when the body is stressed, a sustained breathing rate during sleep that is 25% to 50% higher than normal lets parents know that their child is uncomfortable or getting sick—often before any other symptoms appear.

A few highlights for us while testing this product was the ability to add trusted users to your Smart Beat account and get a notification each time they access the video feed, this was perfect for those nights when we left the babysitter in charge and wanted to know if they were paying attention to our child. Secondly, this is one of the only options we have seen that monitors a child’s breathing without some crazy wearable to obtrusively provide that data. In the same breath, as this is a remote camera with AI smarts, it doesn’t need to be put in too close of proximity to your child where radio signals potentially could alter sleep patterns, this truly is a set and forget product and we love it.

Smartbeat may in fact have begun a revolution in this industry, bringing a high-quality video monitor into new parents’ homes that also serves to eliminate common fears from the minds of already exhausted and anxious parents. Better yet, the product is backed by some pretty serious science and AI technology verified by the Mayo Clinic, the University of Minnesota, and Intermountain Medical Center. If you are serious about monitoring your child’s sleep, while still allowing you to get some rest yourself, you need to look no further.

BUY yours here – Video Baby Monitor with Breath Detection by Smart Beat Live Video + Audio Streaming


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