The Best Pixel 4/4XL Cases

With the release of the arguably overpriced Pixel 4 line of phones from Google, the need to protect your investment is paramount. Here are our top 5 picks for the best Pixel 4 and 4 XL cases there are on the market today!


No.5 Speck Presidio Stay Clear
One thing you can’t fault Google for this year is the Pixel’s design with its black matte sides and beautiful color options for the back and if you are all about showing off that material design, then look no further that the Presidio Stay Clear case by industry leaders Speck.

This unique offering aims to solve many of the common problems’ users have with clear cases and it begins with the way this case was created. The Stay Clear features a unique antimicrobial treatment from Microban that provides lifetime product protection from stain and odor causing bacteria growth, meaning no nasty discoloration over time.

This is also coupled with an impressive 8 ft of drop protection thanks to their own proprietary Impactium lining on the case inner and topped off with a reassuring screen bezel and protection for the camera bump adding some needed strength.
One thing of note though is that despite Speck’s claims of the case being scratch resistant, we had the opposite experience on two different versions of the same case, while this may not bother some with the white version of the Pixel, it is something that left us a little disappointed overall.


No.4 Bellroy Leather Case
Coming in fourth spot is a case for those that love minimalist cases but want a bit to add a bit of class, this leather case from Bellroy is one of the few that is an Official made for Google partner and it looks great.

Made with premium environmentally certified leather and flex polymer, this fits the Pixel like a glove and leaves all buttons and openings easy to access and like a warm blanket in Winter, the inner features soft microfiber lining coupled with some nice chamfered edges for some lay on the table goodness.

We do love that it is backed by a 3-year warranty, but this is one that is more about style than substance as it is super thin and not overly reassuring for someone with clumsy hands.


No.3 Urban Armour Gear Monarch Case
The Monarch case by UAG offers the near perfect blend of premium design coupled with serious protection and is one that we can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for an idiot proof case.

Offering 2X Military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) of protection and a 10-year warranty (yes 10 years!) the case is crafted from a mix of top grain leather; an impact resistant core and a durable polymer complete with oversized buttons and a generous screen lip. All of this is done too, without creating a bulky tank like case, which is equally impressive.

The case too is also very light and is fully compatible with wireless charging and Google Pay, no need to panic! While design is objective, we will admit that the industrial look may not suit everyone’s tastes but if you are looking for a case that will last the life of the phone and more, then look no further than this bad boy!


No.2 Crave Dual Guard Case
If there is one case on the list that is our go to every time, we get a new device here at One Cut, it’s the Dual Guard case from Crave.

This brilliant case features a layer of high-grade polycarbonate (PC) and one of thermo polyurethane (TPU) that offers exceptional grip, kin to that of a basketball. Seriously, it offers such a perfect tactile grip, you would need to try hard to drop this thing!

It is also slim but not too slim, you genuinely feel like this could take a hit and keep going but best of all are the buttons. The Dual Guard case from Crave has some of the best external buttons on a case that we have tried, they feel better to use than the actual phone’s buttons!

Now, if all of this hasn’t sold you – then how about a Lifetime Warranty to add a cherry on top? Too good right? At just $11.99, you don’t have to pay premium prices to get a good case.


No.1 Nomad Rugged Case
Offering the absolute perfect harmony of style and protection, the Rugged Case from Nomad is our top pick for your new Pixel 4 device.

The simple but elegant design of the case is what first strikes you when you see it. Built with a high-grade polycarbonate body, bonded to a raised TPE bumper on the edge and a uber-premium Genuine Horween leather back, you are guaranteed to turn some heads.

Better yet, it offers a substantial 6ft of drop protection and as it is genuine leather, it ages with you as you use it, developing a stunning and rich looking patina overtime, it’s almost like a memory of your time with this device.
This case not only offers a unique and stylish look, it is the best all round case on the list and is worth the investment!

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