Product Spotlight: November 2019

Once a month at One Cut Reviews, we take a handful of products that have caught our attention recently and will shine a light on them and their merits. These products are fighting for the attention of the average consumer and can be weird and wonderful, but most importantly, are great value for money. Here are our finds for November.

Mophie Juice Pack Access

With the festive season upon us, it means a never-ending stream of family photos, videos and memes to create, but unfortunately, this also takes a heavy toll on your iPhone battery. Industry leaders Mophie, want to keep you powered up with their Juice Pack Access Case.

Unlike bulky battery cases of old, this svelte offering not only extends the battery life of your device but offers some serious protection, all the while allowing you to fully access the charging port!

Featuring on-demand battery with just a push of a button, the juice pack access tops off your phone’s battery when you need it most and promises at least 10-15 hours more usage time on a single recharge.

Best of all, the case will prioritize the charge by charging your device first and then the case and new to this line of charging accessories is the ability to wirelessly charge the battery case by just dropping it on a Qi-certified charger.

Needless to say, the Juice Pack Access will have you covered this holiday season!
For those rocking a new iPhone or Android device, you may also want to check out Mophie partner brand Zagg’s Invisibleshield Glass Elite Visionguard+ screen protector.

This ultra strong case friendly offering features a unique blue light filter and is infused with bacteria fighting properties for an anti-microbial treatment killing 99.9% of surface bacteria. It also has a brilliant oleophilic process applied to the surface that spreads oils from fingerprints so thinly that it allows light to pass through the oil, making fingerprints virtually invisible.


Evapolar evaCHILL Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier


For those fortunate enough to not live in the snowy North, but still want to feel like they do, then the evaCHILL by Evapolar is the perfect personal air conditioner that you need.

This energy efficient and modern looking cooling device is perfect for those who want to control their personal microclimate and increase comfort, whether its in the office or at home.

Featuring an enlarged water tank and an inorganic fiber cartridge filter, this impressive unit can cool a space up to 45 sq. Ft and does not contain any hazardous liquids like Freon, which makes them safe for children and pets.

It also works exceptionally well as a humidifier for those in drier homes and works to filter out dust particles and improves air quality.




For those looking to hang that hideous family Christmas photo above the mantel, then you need something to take the guess work out of finding that stud – and I don’t mean you dad – you need Studpop.

This clever magnetic stud finder is so simple and effective, we wish we had invented it ourselves. Requiring no batteries or calibrating, this little pocket tool is every handyman’s dream and can find a stud in most construction types: plaster, wood lath, sheetrock, and metal studs.

Made from strong and sturdy ABS plastic, the device works by simply guiding it over any wall and when it detects a metal fastener in the wall the StudPoP® indicates this when its popper points straight out. It’s so simple. It’s basically foolproof.

Best of all, the powerful magnets in the StudPop can detect metal fasteners up to 0.5” deep and can even work on stucco!

Trust us, Dad will love this little stocking stuffer this season!




If you have ever dreamed in living in a fully autonomous home, that reality just got a little closer with Switchbot.

This little device lets you retrofit existing appliances or light switches and essentially makes them smart. You simply attach the device using the 3M sticker to any existing button or light switch in your home and using its mechanical arm, it will literally press it or turn it on for you remotely using their proprietary app.
It literally works with any kind of button, no matter how ancient the device is.

Better yet, if you purchase their hub, you can also control the device using IFTTT or Google Home, Siri or Alexa. You can even set routines for on and off making these hands down the cheapest and simplest way to turn your home into a smart home without the expenditure or labor of replacing the old with the new!



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