One Cut’s 12 Days of Christmas – Day 10

With Christmas steadily approaching, now is the time to beat the last-minute rush and pick up some fantastic deals on everything from lifestyle to fitness to tech. products and be someone’s shining star this festive season.

We have compiled a list of some of our favorite products released this past year, some are new, and some are old but more importantly are great value and make exceptional gifts.

Here is our pick for Day 10

Mous Limitless 3.0 Phone Cases

Is there any better a gift than a new Smartphone from Santa? Probably not, especially if you are rocking a flip phone. However, smartphones these days tend to be a fragile mix of metal and glass and as a result, are more breakable than ever before. If you have a clumsy butter fingers like me, then you need a case from Mous.


You have probably seen many of Mous’ viral videos of people using their cases and throwing their phone down flights of stairs unscathed and there is good reason for that – the case essentially makes your phone ALMOST indestructible. This is largely in part thanks to their proprietary high impact AiroShock™ material that the case is constructed from.

It contains thousands of micro air pockets that act as tiny springs that absorb energy, significantly dampening the impact of falls. In fact, this combined with the powerful build of TPU and polycarbonate, makes this case in a league of its own and takes the crown for the best slim tough case you can buy on the market today.


Additionally, with the 3rd iteration of their Limitless case, you also get their AutoAlignPlus technology. In each case, Mous has included magnets that do not hinder wireless charging but rather allows consumers to use their proprietary accessory mounting system for both in car and the home. It is quite an innovative way to get around problems caused by magnetic mounting systems and it works great!

Best of all, every Mous product is backed by a reassuring lifetime warranty which means the case is likely to outlive the shelf life of the phone!


So don’t delay, this one is elf approved and in fact right now you can get 20% off on their website with code: CHRISTMOUS.

BUY yours here – Mous – Protective Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max – Limitless 3.0 – Aramid Fiber – No Screen Protector


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