Blurams Outdoor Pro A.I Security Camera

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Our first new product of 2020 comes courtesy of a company that wants to bring the traditional Wi-Fi enabled home security camera into the modern era by equipping it with some A.I smarts and integration with Amazon’s own Alexa, that product is the Outdoor Pro Security Camera by Blurams.

While a relatively new player in this space, the team at Blurams are advocates for technological innovation and product experience, being an international provider of advanced, intelligent products and services aimed at making a carefree and smart future for all. One of their latest additions to their lineup is all about improving home security with a camera that offers impressive IP65 water resistance combined with brilliant 1080p HD cloud-based video recording and some neat artificial intelligent features like facial recognition.


The clean well-made aesthetic combined with a high-quality Sony CMOS sensor means this camera not only looks good but provides some exceptional picture quality being able to record in full HD video through an ultra wide 129-degree field of view which captures a lot of detail in frame. Effective 3D noise reduction technology also allows the camera to capture much clearer sound quality and communicate smoothly with your guest when they approach your home. There is also an authoritative siren and flashing alarm to warn unwanted guests and protect your home from potential intruders.

While many of these features are par for the course, there is also some welcome additions which make this device smarter than the rest including smart AI facial/human/sound/motion detection to differentiate human, pet and other moving objects. The embedded Facial Recognition, too, can let homeowners know if your family members are returning home versus alerting you if there is a stranger lurking nearby. We were quite impressed at how versatile and accurate this was given its modest price tag.

We were also fans of the inclusion of high-powered infrared LEDs and the IR CUT filter that surround the sensor providing what Blurams calls “starlight night vision”, frivolous name aside, picture quality in the dark was crystal clear and very sharp compared to competitors. Best of all, the cameras can be accessed via Amazon Alexa devices that feature a screen, allowing you to see what is being captured live, you can even communicate with what is being shown to you. Very cool.

With both a mobile and PC based service to review notifications and a price tag of around $80 USD, this offering from Blurams is punching above its weight in the quality of service it offers. What better way is there to start 2020 than with more cash in your pocket? We are definitely OK with that!

BUY yours here – blurams Outdoor Pro, Security Camera System 1080p FHD Outside w/Two-Way Audio, Starlight Night Vision, Facial Recognition, Deterrent Alarm, Weatherproof, Cloud/Local Storage, Works with Alexa


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