TOWNEW Autonomous Trash Can

A recent survey suggests that the most loathed household chore, besides washing the dishes, is to take out the trash. We get it! It’s a messy, smelly process that is often left until the garbage can may explode at the seams. However, what is we were to tell you there is a self-sealing, self-changing trash can that can make your life a tad easier and a little less messy…on a good day anyway. Well, now there is, thanks to TOWNEW.

The premise behind this product is ingeniously simple, TOWNEW is a trash can engineered to seal and change the trash bag for you – so you don’t have to. This super smart new product is a North American invention from a company that builds technology that fits for everyday life. In fact, TOWNEW, is revolutionizing the smart home experience with breakthrough technology and award-winning design focused on creating peace of mind and making complex technologies simple, intuitive and easy to use.


Their Trash Can is a CES 2020 Innovation Award winning product made from strong ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) coupled with an engineering-grade plastic that has a high resistant to chemical, impact, electrical insulation humidity and can withstand different temperatures, so it is built to last. You also get a clever anti-slip and tilt base, child safe trash sealing technology all wrapped up into a minimalist yet modern design that is quite appealing to the eye.


To activate the trash can, all you must do is hold the touch button and grab the trash bag once the sealing is complete. Once you’ve removed the sealed bag, the lid will close and automatically pull a new trash bag in place. Once a month, all you must do is replace the 100% recyclable refill rings (purchased on their website) and you are ready to go. It truly is that simple.


However, there is also some clever features that make this even more appealing to consumers starting with something I know you all wondered about, their overload feature. The TOWNEW Trash can detect when the trash can is too full and will lift the whole top compartment so it can seal the bag, making sure there is no spillage. It gets better, for those that hate touching the germy garbage can, it also comes with an Infrared sensor that can detect movement and approaching objects from the distance of up to 35 cm and pop the lid up automatically. Now that is smart!


We never thought a garbage can could be so much fun to use but this one from TOWNEW has been our favorite new tech product released so far in 2020. It has made home and office life easier and cleaner plus its so functional and straightforward to use, we almost feel like regular trash cans just can’t cut it anymore. Our only suggestion would be to create a larger version moving forward, to truly take this emerging market head on. Don’t miss out on this one readers.

BUY yours here – TOWNEW Self-Sealing and Self-Changing Kitchen Trash Can | Automatic Open Lid and Motion Sense Activated Garbage Bin | Smart Home Electric Trash Cans – White x1 Refill Ring Included (Up to 25 Bags)


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