Victorinox Maverick Chronograph Watch

Remember when style was determined by the watch on your wrist and not what generation of Apple watch you were wearing. It doesn’t matter how fancy a smartwatch gets, they simply just don’t compare to the well made, long lasting and timeless look of a classic wristwatch and when we talk about watches exuding class, it is hard to look past Victorinox’s Maverick line.

For more than a century, the team behind Victorinox have created everything from pocketknives, luggage, watches and even fragrances but one thing has always remained true is an iconic design that is backed by quality, function, and innovation. Their Maverick Chronograph watch is the perfect blend of elegance and function. Combining quartz movement paired with a stunning stainless-steel case and sapphire crystal, Maverick watches are ready for anything you can throw at them.


The first thing you notice about the Maverick is that beautiful 43mm display accented by tough 316L stainless steel. One thing we always appreciate about Victorinox watches is their build quality, especially that scratch resistant sapphire screen, not like that soft smartwatch glass that scratches as soon as you take it out of the box. The watch is also water resistant up to 100m which is reassuring no matter what the environment and speaking of water, the face of the watch features a brilliant blue dial color that looks amazing complete with date. To add, given this is classified as a diving watch, it has a unidirectional rotating bezel, count-up scale, chronograph and tachymeter functions adding to its versatility.


Finishing off the premium design of this build is a brilliant genuine leather brown strap that contrasts with the blue face dial nicely. It should be noted that the Maverick can also be purchased in non-chronograph versions with steel or even uber comfortable rubber bands for the more rugged of you out there. So to wrap up our review, we will leave you with one final thought, I have been wearing this watch exclusively for the past 3 months and I always get the same reaction – a casual glance at my wrist or a comment like “what kind of watch is that”; you simply don’t get that when everyone has the same style watch on their wrist all the time because lets be honest, in the past 5 years of smartwatches they all pretty much look and work the same.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, care about longevity and style and want a timepiece that looks good no matter what the occasion, look no further than Victorinox’s Maverick.

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  1. Jay Rose says:

    Oh, so very true! The entire Maverick line really uses premium components that contrast each other in style very nicely. I myself have the Black Edition with the black leather bracelet. I got a great deal on it, so I didn’t want to pass it up even though I was originally ‘on the fence’ about going with the Black Edition. When I received it, my worries were gone, it’s a beautiful timepiece with some real weight to it. This all was expected being “Swiss Made,” but I was still very impressed with both the quality and the design elements. A watch must meet some very specific guidelines to be able to boast being “Swiss Made” at the six o’clock position, but even if this was a domestic or Japanese timepiece, I’d be equally impressed. The Swiss origins are just the proverbial icing on an already elaborate and quite delicious cake! I do have an Apple [smart] watch, but like the author said, it’s for a different purpose as it’s excellent when it comes to tracking trends, sleep, and the like; it just doesn’t make a good watch for going out and being seen as let’s face it — everybody has one these days! I also enjoy switching it up between watches, but aside from this one, I have a Citizen aviation watch that I’ve grown quite attached to. Now, regarding the Victorinox Maverick — if you like diving-style watches and/or chronographs, there’s a model for everybody, so this is definitely a watch for YOU — especially if you too could score one at a great price! Be well. Stay safe. Cheers!


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