Gear Diary: Summer 2020

While Summer may look very different for most of us this year, the warm weather is here to stay which means long days soaking up the rays and late nights watching the sun go down. It also means that there are a handful of new products that have just been released that are worth checking out.

Here is our Gear Diary for Summer 2020.

DULO: Sustainable Performance Dress Shirts


Summer reminds us just how beautiful mother nature can be, so why not purchase a dress shirt that not only looks great but is also made 100% biodegradable fabric with recycled threads, reducing the impact it has on our natural environment.

These shirts are in fact made from Coats Epic EcoVerde thread, a 100% recycled premium polyester core spun sewing thread. Made entirely recycled plastic fibers, Coats EcoVerde has a significantly lower carbon footprint than virgin fibers. It gets better, DULO buttons, too, are made of 100% Natural corozo wood.
Corozo comes from the Tagua tree that grows in the lowland rainforests of Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, and Panama. The corozo is harvested only when the tree’s fruit clusters are ripe. These trees can continue producing for more than a hundred years, providing a renewable source of materials.

The best thing about these dress shirts from DULO is that they manage to combine sustainability with performance to create something that not only fits great but is also wrinkle resistant, moisture wicking and breathable making it perfect for those Summer nights out. They are even infused them with silver ions giving them antimicrobial properties all the while being machine washable. That is impressive!

Clutch Charger


Summer also brings many more opportunities to capture and share your favorite memories which can often be taxing on a smartphone battery, that’s where the Clutch Charger comes in.

No bigger than the size of a credit card, this brilliant little portable battery charger can slip into your wallet or purse and weighs less than 2oz. Its metal casing feels sturdy and there is no need for an extra charging cable as it is built into the charger making it incredibly versatile.

Best of all the 2300Mah battery within can power most devices up to a full 100% charge in a single use and is compatible with almost every Apple product from iPods to iPads and iPhones!



Summer is also a great time to reassess and even re-organize your priorities and what really matters. For us, that starts with what is in our pockets – our keys.

Like most, your keychain is probably a mess of heaviness that repeatedly stabs you in the thigh every time you need to use them, the folks at Orbitkey want to give you a more elegant solution with their Leather Key Organizer.

Created with a combination of hand-crafted leathers and a clever stainless-steel locking mechanism with premium D-ring attachment useful for attaching your larger keys and car fobs, the Orbikey, will take your existing keys and organize them into something svelte and much more stylish and pocketable.

Best of all, the Leather Key Organiser holds between 2-7 keys in a slim and quiet profile which means less weight in your pockets or looking like a guard in a prison movie with a million keys on a keychain. Pro tip: make sure you add the Chipolo tracker to your order, it will allow you to locate your missing keys stuck in the couch with this Bluetooth-enabled tracker which firmly rests inside your Key Organiser or standard keyring.

Chopfit – The Chopper


Lastly, if you are someone that likes to work on your beach bod throughout the Summer, chances are you probably like to get your blood pumping and sweat flowing and there is no better or more unique way to do that than with The Chopper!

If you have ever looked at a Lumberjack and gone – “they’re pretty ripped” – then you are probably going to love this fitness tool. Put simply, The Chopper is a cardio and strength training device that is basically a multi-weighted axe that you swing around. With a solid metal core, securely connected with reinforced plastic, the Chopper is ready to withstand the hardest workouts.

Using their brilliant mobile app, it guides you through a series of exercises designed to improve your fitness and strength from the safety of your own home. With a blend of chopping motions and body-weight movements, the device provides for a dynamic cardio and strength experience like no other!

We particularly love the multi-day challenges that include a variety of circuits and difficulty levels. And because of this, The Chopper by Chopfit has become our new fitness obsession and it should be yours too!

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