Sidekick Always-On Video Screen

The world has changed a lot in the past 6 months. What used to be normal is just not anymore and this pandemic has changed many of the ways we interact with others. This could not be more true than in the workplace. With many now working from home, the team at Realism Labs wants to keep those business relationships at the forefront with their Always-On Video Screens that allow simultaneous video chat within your workplace community.

With a team of creators that herald from Palantir and Google, their knowledge and experience of remote working have managed to craft out a unique product that aims to solve one of the biggest issues experienced by many during the past year – staying connected. Sidekick works best when a network of them is established in the workforce. Essentially you get is a 10.1 inch full HD screen with a 224-pixel density, an aluminum build with stand, and software that runs on the Android 9.0 platform. You also get the usual array of connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and a generous 6150Mah battery that can keep you powered all day long. Out of the box, users also get all of the software required to run Sidekick and full support from their team, however, this comes with a monthly subscription fee.

So how does it work? Sidekick is built to be on during your workday to facilitate spontaneous conversations and collaboration with your teammates using secure end-to-end encryption. When starting your day, you tap the “Join Room” button to enter the room with your team. When in the room, audio is muted by default to minimize distractions. When you need to speak to a teammate, just tap the Sidekick to unmute your audio. At the end of the day, tap the “Leave Room” button. Reassuringly, for those with privacy concerns, the team at Sidekick tells us that video and audio are never recorded!

After using Sidekick in our offices this past month, we do have some thoughts on why this is a useful tool at this uncertain time. Many would agree that working from home creates a serious sense of detraction from your workplace environment and one of the primary reasons an investment is needed in these is  that they have allowed us to feel like we are in the same room together again. This has also led to better, more immediate collaboration on projects and idea-sharing which is important to the work we do. We also feel that this is more useful than video chat platforms like Zoom or Google Video because it is true always connected, one to one or one to many communication that is just easier to set up and more comfortable to use.

At the end of the day, if you need your workplace to feel more connected and contented with working from home, there isn’t a better option out there than Sidekick.

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