Gear Diary: Fall 2020

With the falling leaves and falling temperatures, we find ourselves spending more time enjoying the inside, and with the world amid a Pandemic and Christmas on the horizon, you have probably caught yourself online shopping a whole lot more too. To help you fight those cold-weather blues and get prepared for the holiday season, we have put together our compilation of some of our favorite new product releases. Here is our Fall Gear Guide for 2020.

Blue Box UV

If a mobile phone is not exactly an extension of the human hand, it should be treated like one during COVID-19. Your phone, like your hand, is a bacteria and virus magnet. In fact, some claim it is 18x dirtier than a public toilet, so if we wash our hands, why don’t we wash our smartphones? The folks at Blue Box UV have the solution with a unique UVC powered box to safely disinfect your phone.

The Blue Box UV sanitizer kills harmful bacteria and viruses with dual 3-watt bulbs that produce both UVC (253.7nm) and Ozone. UVC light emits a high-frequency wavelength that vibrates the nuclear material of pathogens so aggressively that it kills them and prevents them from reproducing properly. The 100% portable box takes just 3 minutes to run a cycle and can even charge your device at the same time.

So, keep your phone and your family safe by taking just 3 minutes out of your day to clean the device that sits in your hand, pockets, and countertops. It is just that easy!

Kobo Nia

Fall is the perfect time to cozy up by the fireplace and escape into a good book and there is no better way to that than with the Kobo Nia.

With its svelte 6-inch form factor, beautiful e-ink screen with comfort lighting, and a generous 8GB of storage, you can download up to 6000 books onto your device at a single time. The incredibly versatile Kobo eBookstore does not have those annoyingly long Covid wait lines or restricted set hours, it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The 1000Mah battery also offers some serious longevity with weeks of battery life on a single charge and the device has the latest in WiFi connectivity and the ability to read the latest and greatest ebook formats including – (EPUB, EPUB3, FlePub, PDF, MOBI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBZ, CBR).

So, take some time for yourself and get reading today!


It is important to give yourself some downtime before the chaos of the holidays and when you need to bring some enjoyment into your life through sports activity, PingPongly has you covered.

PingPongly is an all in one package that can turn any flat surface into a ping pong table. It features a retractable net, paddles, and ball and fits Tables up to 2″ thick and 72″ wide!

Table tennis, as it is also known, offers surprisingly great health benefits for all ages. Like most sports, table tennis offers great mind-body stimulation, aerobic exercise, and social interaction. It can be done at all ages and any all levels.

PingPongly is also a great activity for children home for virtual learning as it is the perfect indoor/outdoor game, that can be played on any table to provide elementary, middle school, and even high school kids a similar experience to their normal school day recess period or physical education class (phys ed).

Best of all, it is incredibly fun and easy to set up. When the rain or snow is falling, you will need this! What are you waiting for?

Fire Department Coffee

Fire Dept. Coffee is our go-to when dragging your sorry but out of a warm bed and into the cold morning. This veteran-owned business provides great-tasting coffee to people everywhere.

Inspired by the vital role that coffee plays in helping firefighters stay alert and energized through long shifts, it is run by active and retired firefighters, including their operations officer and chief coffee roaster.

Offering a variety of roasts from our favorite the skull-crushing espresso to Canadian whiskey-infused and even a Brazilian blend, you are guaranteed to find your level of butt kick you need to get going.

The one thing that surprised us by the brews we have tried is just how bold and flavorful they are, we have never had a bad cup of Fire Dept. Coffee. They even offer their consumers a world tour of coffee with their Coffee of the Month club which we highly recommend you invest in.

Best of all, Fire Dept. Coffee also supports heroes in need through the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation. Ten percent of net proceeds are donated to help provide essential resources and assistance to first responders who have been injured on the job, mentally or physically, or who are facing other serious health challenges.

It has quickly become our favorite coffee company and it should be yours too!

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