The Working from Home Toolkit

In a world of working from home, online schooling, and Zoom calls invading your personal space it has never been more important to have the right tools to do what you would normally do in the office, at home. The folks at Anker have the solution with 3 new products that could make this experience just a little bit more bearable for all.

Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone

Being stuck in your home office for 8 hours a day could not be worse for our health. However, we are limited by the capability of built-in microphones to be heard in meetings. What if though, there was a way for you to move freely about your space without fear of your voice being lost.

The PowerConf speaker is a portable conference phone that has a brilliant 6 microphone arrangement providing 360-degree coverage to pick up sound from all directions. Created for optimal clarity and volume, this brilliant Bluetooth 5.0 enabled microphone/speaker combination utilizes a custom DSP algorithm to optimize your voice in real-time and effectively reduce background noises.

With a massive 6700mah battery built-in, you can conference all day or night and even power other devices thanks to the integrated Anker PowerIQ technology and USB-C port. With PowerConf, you can meet at any time, anywhere in your office space—without being limited by meeting room availability.


PowerWave Pad Wireless Charger

When you are busy making deals and fielding calls, the last thing you need is for your smartphone to run low on power. The PowerWave Pad is a svelte and zippy wireless charger that can keep you powered up for longer.

With its robust rubber-coated build and minimalist design, not only does it look great, but it transmits charging power directly through your phone’s protective case delivering up to 10 watts of high-speed charging power.

An innovative LED indicator also lets you know when the device is charging and at what wattage it is delivering. It also serves to identify users when your phone is misplaced on the pad or there is something hindering connection which is very convenient.


If you need a faster quick charge for an on-the-go errand, then you should also check out the Anker Nano. This little charging brick delivers a massive 20-watt output of charge and will fit into your palm or pocket with ease.

To give you some context, if you are an iPhone user, compared to the measly 5 watts charging brick we used to get, it will charge your device 3 times faster. Now that is impressive!


Soundcore Liberty Neo

When it is time to switch off, you need some good quality wireless earphones to help you listen to some tunes and decompress after a long day and Anker have you covered here too!

The Soundcore Liberty Neo is an inexpensive wireless earphone that punches well above its weight in sound quality. With a featherlight design that is extremely comfortable in the ear thanks in part to Anker’s GripFit technology, the Neo uses expertly tuned graphene drivers to pump out crystal-clear sound across the entire frequency range.

Anker also amplifies the bass using their BassUp algorithm that can enhance lower frequencies by nearly 50% and it works very well. Listening to some Daft Punk felt like that bass line was pulsating through our bodies, and so it should.

Connectivity was also a breeze with the in-built LDS antenna delivering a rock-steady connection even at some distance and 12-hour battery life plus IPX5 water resistance means you can enjoy your days off and workouts without fear.



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