The Best eBike Money Can Buy!

Spring is here, it is time to get outside, enjoy the warmer weather, and dethaw your bones – at least for us in Toronto. For many of us, the warmer weather is also the perfect time to hit the road and the path less traveled with our bicycles. For the past 3 weeks, we have spent some extensive time with the Roadster v2 by Ride1Up, a pedal-assist eBike that will take you further than you have ever traveled before and has quickly become our recommendation to anyone seeking a sleek, silent, and sturdy machine for almost every occasion.

The San Diego based team from Ride1Up set out to do something that many others in this space have not yet done – create a sleek, fast, and an affordable electric bike that can offer an unrivaled level of independence and efficiency. They want to change the way we get around our communities and want their buyers to commit to a more environmentally conscious approach to getting from point A to B. To achieve this, they set out to create an accessible electric bike in the Roadster v2 that is packed with value and features but not the exuberant price.

When you unpack the Roadster v2, it becomes immediately apparent that this is a quality product made with robust materials designed for longevity. Our matte black variant is stunning and the team who put it together remarked at its sleek and minimalist design. One thing that is quite striking about this bike is that it does not look like an electric bike at all with the battery being hidden out of sight in the downtube frame. The bike itself is crafted from a light but strong 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame that contributes to its featherweight 33lb total and features an efficient 350w geared hub motor powered by a 36V battery. With pedal assist, the bike can achieve speeds of up to 24Mph and promises anywhere between a 20–35-mile range on a single charge.

Unlike other electric bikes, this is a single gear offering with pedal assist. The incredible low noise and maintenance-free belt drive are controlled by an LCD display on the handlebars that can adjust the power of the assist from levels 1-4. What this means for the unaccustomed is that the motor will only support you when you start pedaling and there is no throttle to make this move independently.  It works incredibly well, and we found it more suited to the type of riding we like to do, it gives you just enough push so that it feels like you are still the one pedaling and in control and not just cruising. A word of note, the single gear the bike starts at is quite high and requires a bit of effort to get your legs moving before the motor gears in, however, when it does it helps alleviate the strain.

Also, of note with the Roadster’s construction is the dual-pivot v-brakes, black stainless-steel spokes, narrow road riser handlebars, and a very comfortable Custom Gel Ergonomic Road Saddle included in the box. We do however wish that fenders and a kickstand came as standard as it is a pain in the butt to prop this up securely without it falling at times. Come on Ride1Up, we know you are trying to keep the price low, but no kickstand is inconvenient.

To sum up, we titled this review – The Best eBike Money Can Buy – and for good reason, you see unlike other electric bikes on the market this one does not cost an arm and a leg to get your foot in the door, it comes in at just around $1000 which significantly undercuts the competition. Now, because it is cheaper is not the reason you should buy it, the Roadster v2 is a true commuters dream that delivers on value and features and doesn’t shortchange you on efficiency and power and for that reason is a bike that should be on everyone’s radar in the Spring and Summer of 2021.

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