That Very Night: Custom Moon Phase Prints

Most people turn to photographs to capture moments in their lives but as time passes, the nuance of those events starts to leave our consciousness. The folks behind That Very Night want to offer a very different way to remember those important moments in your life with their custom personalized moon phase prints.

The founder of That Very Night started creating these pieces of art when he would miss family and look to the moon for comfort and wanted to bring this idea into people’s homes.  A personalized Moon Phase print is a significant date worth sharing with your loved ones as it shows that you have put considerable thought and care into creating a meaningful, heartfelt present as it is a constant reminder of your happiest memories with your nearest and dearest.

Each moon phase is geographically distinct because although the phase of the moon is the same at the same time around the world, depending on the location of the viewer, the moon is tilted at different angles providing each person with a personalized view of the world at that exact time and place. Their team uses calculated high-precision astronomy computations based on space-based telescope observations and computations to find the exact moon phase that is identifiable to you, making this a one-of-a-kind gift.

Using a similar process used by artists and museums, each of their prints uses original and official UV (pigment-based) inks ensuring each print faithfully reproduces the tone, temperature, and color of the original image. UV inks contain enhanced light stabilizers; offering far more durability than dye-based inks; protecting the vibrancy of your prints for over 100 years in ideal conditions. The team promises that their reproductions will ensure that there is a scorer value of 6 or more on the Blue Wool Scale in all areas, a standard that originally started in the textile industry and has now been adopted by Print as a measure of the lightfastness of ink colorants.

One thing we appreciate about this service is the customization options on offer, with the ability to select themes, print sizes, quality of paper, framing all the while selecting your personalized date, time, and geographical location. The final product is nothing short of fantastic and should adorn any room in your home and be quite the conversation starter which is what the team behind That Very Night should be quite proud of. Not only is this a very personalized gift, but it is also a special kind of way to cherish those precious memories.

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