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Finding the perfect coffee blend is never easy, it is akin to a minefield, sometimes you make it and other times you lose an arm. Finding that happy medium is always a good coffee roaster’s objective but, in our experience,, many competitors’ offerings suffer from being too bitter or not having any discernable taste at all. However, that has changed today with Bobby the Coffee Guy, who is on a mission to create a cup of coffee that is so smooth, so bold, and flavorful you will find yourself coming back time and time again.

Their single-serve coffee of the same name is made from 100% Arabica beans from the world’s finest coffee growing regions and is roasted to produce the most beautiful and aromatic blends you can buy on the market today. We were given the opportunity to try their range of single-serve coffee pods in different roasts in our search for the perfect cup of joe.

Let us start with our favorite their Dark roast blend. It is worth noting, that with all of Bobby the Coffee Guy pods there is a significant 1-2 grams more of coffee ground in each pod when compared to other coffee pod brands often resulting in more flavor in larger brews. Their Dark Roast we found to be a beautifully robust offering for those that love a richer full-bodied taste. This was our go-to blend to get us up and out of bed in the morning and has been a staple in our offices since.

Next, was their crisp slightly acrimonious Medium blend that is the perfect cup for a little afternoon pick-me-up or nightcap and is just a wonderfully flavorful and smooth cup of java. It is perfect for those that are seeking the ‘Goldilocks’ blend of not too strong and not too weak but just right.

Lastly is their Italian blend, a strong and bold flavor that conjures up memories of older Italian gentlemen drinking espresso at a café in Venice that will put some much needed pep in your step. What we loved with this one was that they somehow managed to keep the bold flavor but remarkedly without the bitterness, it was very smooth and exuded Barista style quality.

To sum up, Bobby the Coffee Guy’s single-serve pods of their popular blends are some of the best we have tried to date and have fueled our office this past few months and will likely continue to do so. Therefore, if you feel like you need that extra kick in the butt in the morning or want to feel more alert nay more empowered to take on the world, then you must try their coffee.

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