Synca CirC+ Massage Chair

What if there was a way to enjoy a premium Japanese-style massage in the comfort of your own home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Sounds like fantasy you say. Not anymore! The folks at Synca are back with their CirC+ compact massage chair, the second generation of their ever-popular personal health device that promises to fix fatigue and rid you of the stresses of everyday life for an affordable price.

The first thing you notice about the CirC+ is its compact and tasteful aesthetic, taking cues from Japanese “Shibui” design meaning simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. This is not your classic bulky and cumbersome airport massage chair; this thing is svelte nay sexy and can easily amalgamate itself into any space in your home with ease.

Bringing wellness through Japanese design and engineering, the CirC+ improves on the original by now offering users the ability to recline into a full “zero gravity” position reducing the impact on the body by taking pressure off the lower vertebrae, reducing restriction points on your blood vessels, and cradling and supporting your body in just the right way to provide balanced support from the legs to the head. Of note is the inclusion of a sensor at the back of the chair that actively senses objects or pets while reclining and will stop the machine if an obstruction is detected, keeping your loved ones safe.

The use of a 45.5in long rail SL Track massage system complete with Quad Roller Technology means that the user also receives a deeper massage and more coverage than most other chairs on the market. The use of this technology allows for long massage strokes and a professional massage technique including tapping and circular kneading while the in-built heat therapy loosens tight muscles for maximum effectiveness.  We love that the chair massages you from shoulder to buttocks and even offers you the ability to manually select, using the new wireless controller, what problem areas you want to focus more on, making this a versatile health tool.

After using the chair this past 3 months, we have also become fans of the convenience that the pre-programmed massage options bring, including one titled – ENERGIZE – which provides a deep-tissue massage designed to work out firm knots in the muscles. There is also – RELAX – a smooth yet firm relaxing massage and lastly – SLEEP – a gentle and calming massaging ideal for the end of the day and feels like you are floating away on the ocean without a care in the world.

When we reviewed the original CirC massage chair back in 2019 we praised it as one of the best new products to be released that year and visitors to our offices seemingly never left without giving it a go. The new CirC+ takes everything we love about the original and improves on it where it matters. Best of all, you can have all of this in your own home for just $1899 at the time of writing this. So, if you care about your own mental and physical health, perhaps check out the Synca CirC+ massage chair for yourself.

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