Fire Dept. Coffee

We love coffee! It fuels most of what we accomplish in a day. However, not all coffee is created equal, especially the type of coffee you brew at home or in the office. The folks at Fire Department Coffee are brewing up something a little different and are a veteran-owned team of firefighters, first responders, and coffee connoisseurs that are making some great coffee out of Rockford, Illinois that you need to know about!

Knowing how important caffeine is in helping firefighters stay alert on the job, they have taken this love for coffee and created a line of signature spirit-infused roasts and premium blends that are second to none when it comes to taste and quality. Using only the best ethically sourced coffee beans from around the world, each variation is roasted individually to maximize the depth and complexity of flavor, and it comes through. We were fortunate enough to try their classic Original Blend Medium Roast Coffee and their Vanilla Bourbon Infused blends.

Their Medium Roast blend reminds us of a classic cup of your local coffee shop coffee. The flavor is rich and bold but not overpowering and is the type of cup you can enjoy getting your day going or after dinner to help wind you down. The combination of perfectly roasted Central American and South American coffee beans delivers a balanced cup of joe with a full flavor and low acidity that is likely to satisfy the most discerning coffee drinkers.

While we are not fans of flavored coffees, their Vanilla infused blend is quite a tasty cup and does capture the essence of real, premium, aged bourbon with natural vanilla bean flavor. It should be noted there is no actual alcohol in the coffee but rather the green unroasted coffee is infused with the spirit. After the coffee is infused, they then roast the coffee. During this time, the alcohol burns off (like cooking with alcohol), leaving a distinct aroma and flavor. It is a subtle but noticeable taste that doesn’t overpower the coffee itself and would be a great late-night cupper before bed. It reminds us of a dessert coffee, and we dig it.

If these two brews don’t strike your fancy, it should be noted that the team at Fire Dept. Coffee sells all kinds of coffee blends including light, medium, and dark roasts plus single origin, infused, and even espresso variations that are likely to suit your palate. You can also join their Coffee of the Month club where they will send you a different coffee from around the world for a small but worthwhile fee each month.

Last and most importantly is the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation which is a charitable organization that supports groups that help firefighters and first responders who are injured on the job, mentally or physically, or who are facing other serious health challenges. Every sale of their coffee helps veterans who are in need, which means, that not only does their coffee taste good it does some good as well and that is a message we can get behind.

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