Power Up your Smartphone!

We are constantly haunted by the percentage remaining icon on our smartphone screen, sitting there as a reminder that our precious device is slowly dying and getting thirstier by the minute for that sweet taste of AC. However, there are ways we as power users can mitigate battery anxiety. Below are our favorite choices when you need to power up on the move.

Kovol Sprint 65W PD Wall Charger

With most manufacturers now shipping smartphones without a power brick, nothing can be more frustrating than trying to charge your phone quickly when you are not getting the right power input. The Sprint 65W PD charger by Kovol features an ultra-compact and portable design paired with a 100W 6.6ft PD USB-C cable that delivers a safe and reliable fast charge to your device.

Featuring higher efficiency and super-safe powerful GaN technology, the Sprint PD wall charger is capable of fast charging most modern smartphones from 0-50% in just 25 minutes and can even charge a MacBook Pro to the same amount in just 45 minutes. It is also quite versatile for traveling and supports AC 100-240 voltage and is supported by Kovol’s charging protection against surges and overheating.

After using the charger to power up all our devices on a recent road trip, we were pleasantly surprised by its durability and how quickly it charged our MacBook and Pixel devices, delivering and often exceeding our expectations for a swift power up before meetings or while on the road. It is currently our favorite charging solution in our EDC (everyday carry).

Get yours at https://www.kovolinc.com/collections/wall-charger/products/kovol-sprint-65w-pd-usb-c-wall-charger?variant=42736714481851

PhoneSuit Elite Mag Magnetic Wireless Pocket Charger

It is not uncommon for power-hungry smart device users to have power banks on them when traveling but what if a power bank could magnetically attach to and charge your phone on the go, that is exactly what the Elite Mag Magnetic Wireless Pocket Charger can do.

Leveraging Apple’s Magsafe technology, this compact, portable wireless battery pack securely connects with MagSafe compatible magnets to the back of your device and features a 5,000 mAh high-density lithium-ion battery cell that can deliver a full wireless fast charge in a single-use.

One thing we have come to appreciate from the Elite Mag is just how compact and form-fitting it is when attached to your smartphone. Its smooth surface and curved edges seamlessly blend into the phone aesthetic and often we forgot it was there. The best praise we can give it is that it looks nicer and worked better than Apple’s Magsafe battery solution and was more than half the price of it and that is saying a lot!

With the ability to charge virtually any Qi-compatible wireless device and can be quickly replenished using a USB-C charger, like the one listed above, with the Elite Mag you can charge your iPhone wirelessly on the go, in your hand, from your pocket, your bag, your desk, nightstand & more. It is just that good!

Get yours at https://www.phonesuit.com/en-ca/products/elite-mag-wireless-charger-power-bank-for-iphone-13-pro-max

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