Tokk Reactor and Reactor XL Bluetooth Speakers

Not all wireless speakers are built the same, because there are so many on the market these days it is often hard to distinguish what is good and what is not. For us, a good wireless speaker requires – flawless connectivity, long battery life, and crisp balanced sound with a touch of bass. The Tokk Reactor Bluetooth speaker is one of the very few that hits all these requirements and then some.

Pred Technologies, the creator of Tokk, is a veteran in the personal audio space and has been at it for the better part of a decade. With an innovation first focus, they create everything from audio, video, and smart technologies that are designed to change the way we enjoy our entertainment. Their Reactor speakers are a testament to this vision and bring some serious audio chops along with it.

Available in regular and XL sizes, these ultra-compact Bluetooth enabled speakers can connect to any device within a 30 feet radius and deliver a true stereo experience. These speakers magnetically attach to any metal /hybrid surface and pump an impressive 2×2/4×2 watts of RMS stereo output with some room-filling sound. These tiny but mighty pocketable sound cubes, deliver an impressive 4-watt output each and they surprisingly don’t sound ‘tinny’ or hollow. There is a good balance between volume output and audio quality that we appreciate.

Depending on whether you go for the regular or XL variant you can also expect some solid battery life between 5-8 hours of continuous playback and the cherry on top for us is that because these are essentially tethered to a smart device, you can even take a call or communicate with Siri, Google Now or other smart assistants. It should be noted that the XL model also comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 protocol and an IP rating for water resistance.

To sum up, Tokk continues to impress with the Reactor. We love that they magnetically attach for easy portability; sound quality, too, is solid and won’t disappoint; battery life is good and both sizes retail for under $100. What is not to like?

Get yours today at

$0.99 Dot + AMU


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