Pixie – Track Everything

In what seems to be a sea of trackable tags for our valuables, Pixie is aiming to stand above the swell by allowing you to tag and track your most coveted items, within inches, using your smartphone.

Using a central Pixie point you affix to your phone or within the accompanying phone case, you simply attach the other adhesive points to your most important things and use the accompanying app to track them within a 150-foot outdoor or 30-50-foot indoor range.

To operate, you simply open the Pixie app and tap the misplaced item you need to find and the app will immediately tell you whether the item is close by or if it is out of range. If it is out of range it will show you the GPS location (physical street address) and time and date of when it was last seen. If the item is close by, the app will guide you to its location by digitally mapping the room using your cellphone’s camera and will triangulate its position.

What really makes Pixie different from other trackers on the market is that it will guide you using directions, like that of a GPS, to its exact location and when the item is located, augmented reality technology or pixie dust (a digital animation) will hover over it’s place in the room that will be viewable on your cellphone screen. When the item is within 5 feet, the app switches into grab it mode, which will audibly beep like a metal detector until the item is in your possession.
We were certainly impressed with Pixie. Some might say that taking the technology this far is a little overkill, but we must admit that this system is much more accurate and user friendly when it comes to locating items. The technology allows pixie points to be identified even in other rooms and through walls which we thought was remarkable.

Pixie may be the most accurate tracker on the market right now, it doesn’t just give you an approximate location on an ambiguous map it locates your possessions to within inches and if you are someone that is constantly losing your car keys, wallet, phone or otherwise, then you need to get Pixie today.

Check out more information at http://www.getpixie.com

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