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We review so many products here at One Cut Reviews but occasionally a few will really grab our attention. So, once a month, we are going to feature three new products that are worth checking out in our new segment entitled Cut to it! These new product offerings could be weird, wonderful and wicked in their own way, but we think you, our readers, will love them.

Tame the Beast Nut Butter

Nashville startup, Tame the Beast Inc, is a company that specializes in innovative Men’s grooming products that are 100% made in the U.S.A. and feature masculine scents derived from all-natural, intense botanicals.

One of their newest products is what they call ‘Nut Butter’ and yes, in case you are wondering, this is exactly for what it describes. This is the first multipurpose lotion for the ol’ twig and berries. This creamy anti-chafe skin cream is derived from ingredients such as Jojoba, Aloe, Comfrey Root, Calendula, Chamomile, Shea, Cocoa, Mango, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Vitamin E and has been created to give your skin and body a more natural and welcoming scent.

Of course, this isn’t JUST for the man berries, it is in fact a premium skin care product that the company designed for the BBC’S (the balls, back and chest).

We can’t comment on its claims to be anti-aging or anti-shriveling but as a moisturizer it works pretty well, and for the nuts? It does keep them feeling rejuvenated (if that’s possible) and smelling pretty great.

Get yours at


While we watch Winter as it moves off into the distance in our metaphorical rear view mirrors, there is no harm in being ready for the next time your town gets the proverbial dump on thanks to that white powdery stuff.

Saltnets, want to give you a more environmentally friendly approach to clearing ice and snow from your front door step. Their proprietary mats feature a contained melting agent within that will melt snow without the need for exertive labor and/or overuse of corrosive melting products.

This unique approach not only prevents these agents from being trudged through the home but it also a much more effective way to prevent poor little Fido from getting the salt stuck between his paws.

We really love what they call the Tube Matrix design of the mat, which is comprised of durable nylon tubes that control the even distribution of the melting agent, improving immediate traction while melting the existing snow and ice and preventing further accumulation.

Best of all, Saltnets will continue working to prevent further ice and snow buildup only as needed, preventing excessive and unnecessary distribution of the melting agent.

Get yours at

Tyler’s Coffee

The crew at Tyler’s Coffee are trying to revolutionize the coffee industry with a world first acid free coffee blend and Z-roasting process that prevents harmful tannic and lipid acids from forming. These acids are commonly associated with acid reflux and other stomach related modalities which numbers at around 50 million in the United States alone and is obviously not good for your overall health.

Through their proprietary roasting process, they can bring the pH level closer to that of drinking water and is certified organic. Their coffee blend is available in k-cups for Keurig coffee machines or in the ground variety and is claimed to be the healthiest and purest coffee you can drink in the world.

After trying it this past month, we are not just big fans of the taste but love how robust and flavorful the brew is, this was a welcome change from the weak and watery varieties often available in your local grocery store.

Get yours at

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