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One Cut Reviews is an organization dedicated to bringing consumer awareness to new and exciting products that have come to market. With their unique North American team,  the concept was created by journalist and avid technology enthusiast – Darren Zygadlo.

With a double degree in Bachelor of Education (BEd) in English Language and Literature and Mass Communication/Media Studies from Murdoch University in Western Australia, for the better part of the past decade he has been educating young minds about the power of the media and the written word while pursuing his passions in writing and the study of mass communication technology. He is also a devoted father and husband of one.


With over 700 product reviews since conception, One Cut Reviews was created to provide fair, honest and authentic evaluations of new product releases in the fashion, lifestyle and technology space. At One Cut Reviews, we differentiate ourselves from the plethora of “influencers” who spend no more than a week with a product by specializing in digital print media and social marketing with well written product reviews after real world use. This is paired with stylish and eye catching product imagery with direct links to the brand website itself and our affiliate Amazon.com

Our reviews are designed to be just a small ‘cut’ or snapshot of the hits and occasionally the misses of a new product. Ultimately though, we give readers our honest hands-on opinion and allow them  to make up their own mind on the products that are of most interest them. By engaging with our target audience regularly, we also create a feedback loop allowing them to inform the types of content they would like to see featured on the website and our social media platforms.

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Currently, our reader demographic is comprised mostly of 18-35 year old professionals seeking lifestyle and technology releases. In 2020 alone, we averaged over 100,000 unique visitors per month with 3-5 different page views and a consumption time ranging between 10-15 minutes.

We organically grow our social media following and do not hire any outside marketing firms to build our subscriber numbers. Instead, we rely upon the companies that collaborate with us sharing our work with their followers. While this method doesn’t necessarily promote fast growth, it does mean our followers are genuine, real consumers that will regularly like and share products and information they find of interest on our site. Consequently, we have a very good visitor bounce rate of just 37% which we attribute to the quality of work our team does. To add, we are also regularly recommended on LinkedIn by the companies that choose to collaborate with us.

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For more information or to feature your product on our site, please find your way to the CONTACT section and we will be happy to respond to your inquiry.

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