Media Kit

Founded on April 9 2016, One Cut Reviews is a small organization based outside of Toronto, Ontario that was created by journalist and avid technology consumer Darren Zygadlo.

The main function of One Cut Reviews is to provide fair, honest and authentic product reviews of new items that have come to market. We try to differentiate ourselves from the rest by specializing in digital print media by including stylish and eye catching product images with direct buy links to the product website itself or our affiliate

Our reviews are designed to be just a small ‘cut’ of the hits and sometimes the misses of a new product. Ultimately though, we give readers all the information, so they can make up their own mind on where to spend their hard earned money.

Our loyal readers are mostly comprised of business professionals, seeking news, fashion and technology products that accompany their modern lifestyle. On average we have over 1000 unique visitors per day where approximately 3-6 different pages are viewed with the average consumption time being between 7-10 min.

We are still building our social media following, but do find that our readers regularly like and share products and information they find on our site. Consequently, we have a positive return visitor rate of about 38%.

For more information or to feature your product on our site, please find your way to the CONTACT section and we will be happy to get in touch.

Thank you for your time and welcome.

Darren Zygadlo