Elevation Mask 2.0

As we crawl into Spring, many of us start to think about getting in shape for the Summer. Some of us will try crash diets – I’m looking at you cabbage soup diet – others will join a gym and maybe go once, if that. However, there are some of us out there that will want to up our game and work harder than before to get that “beach bod” we all so desire, that’s where Elevation 2.0 by Training Mask comes into play.

So, despite the fact that the mask does look like something that Bane from the Batman series would wear (which by the way I’m okay with), what it basically does is provide you the with ultimate resistance training device by mimicking the effects of High Altitude Training. The mask itself is held on the face with a comfortable neoprene strap that overlays the air tight silicone piece that rests against the face. Using an ingenious flux valve system with different adjustable altitude resistance levels, the Training Mask 2.0 “promotes increased lung capacity by forcing you to inhale fuller deeper breaths”. Now you are probably asking yourself, why would I want to force myself to have less oxygen intake and force my lungs to work harder? Well, when you train your lungs to take deeper breaths it equates to more oxygen flow to the rest of the body, a stronger diaphragm and more cardio endurance. The makers of the mask have backed this up with some pretty impressive science behind this product and according to their data, this type of training will help you regulate your breathing, increase lung stamina, lung capacity, oxygen efficiency and increase overall mental focus.

Now, my first impressions of this mask were a little scary, putting it on the first time at it’s default setting felt like someone had their hand clasped over my nose and mouth and I was breathing through the gaps between their fingers. I won’t lie, this freaked me out a little, however, once my body adjusted I did find myself taking deeper more pronounced breaths. After a 10-minute trial period walking around the home and freaking the dog and my three-year-old son out, upon removing the mask off, I felt myself more aware of how my body was breathing. I found that I was inhaling more oxygen and even found this quite a pleasant near euphoric experience, I’d even say it relaxed me.

After a solid week of wearing the mask during my every other day gym routine that included lifting and 25 min cardio runs, I have been really impressed with how this has helped me with my endurance and lung capacity. I don’t feel as tired, as breathless and even after my morning workout dare I say I feel more switched on and alert.

Most of you out there are going to be asking yourself, is this some gimmicky as seen on TV training product like the shake weight? No, this is not even in the same class. I will say it won’t be for everyone, especially those with any kind of cardio-respiratory issues, but for those of you who want to train your body to increase those anabolic thresholds, energy and stamina, it is something worth considering.

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