Grovemade cases for iPhone

I’ve got wood! That’s right – smooth, hard and sexy wood. No, I am not talking about my nether regions, I’m talking about taking that already perfect something in your life and wrapping it in something near perfection. That is exactly how I felt when I tried a line of wood cases crafted by Grovemade.

If you have been following my latest journey through the finding the best cellphone cases for the iPhone, you would know there have been some notable mentions and some umm… not so notable mentions. When your cellphone has become an extension of your mere self, you want it to reflect your purpose and passions in life. You want to be able to set yourself apart from the crowd, well then, why not wrap it in real wood? That is exactly how Grovemade thinks.

Grovemade is a small collective of passionate individuals that uses real wood to create meaningful products for people to enjoy. They create everything from docks, stands, pencil holders to cell phone and tablet cases – all fashioned in beautiful and natural wood.

The walnut and leather case for the iPhone was no exception. The cradle for the phone is carved from solid walnut and the cover is cut from premium vegetable-tanned leather. It’s the kind of home your phone deserves. It is slim, protective and sexy and includes 3 different levels of stand functionality that a good folio case needs. What most impressed me by this case were the volume and power buttons that seamlessly have been crafted out of the same wood as the cradle and function very well. Best of all, the case comes in either walnut or maple flavors and different colors of leather.

Now if you are not a fan of leather or the folio style, then why not wrap that bad boy completely in wood? The walnut case is a two-piece wooden bumper and wooden back plate that secures your phone with simple 3M adhesive. It provides a complete wooden wrap on the phone providing that minimal feel, good protection and a decent lip to protect the screen. It too has the power and volume buttons crafted out of the same material and is very eye catching and different. It too comes in a maple offering. This case has become my new favorite and is a must for any iPhone user to have in their arsenal.

I have been really impressed with Grovemade, their products reveal their passion to “make cool stuff and have fun doing it”. Products that are functional, beautiful and best of all made from natural products – will always be a winner in our books!

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