Hex Solo and Icon wallet for iPhone

When it comes to wallet cases for the iPhone, Hex has been a household name for a number of years and it’s not hard to see why. They design simply stunning real leather folio and card holder cases for our most beloved devices.

With as many color options and finishes as an ice cream stand and designed from the ground up in premium leather, Hex provides the ultimate sleek and modern profile for anyone that is trying to combine their phone and wallet in the one usable package.

The “custom molded” phone bed in the icon wallet provides excellent strength and support to cradle your idevice like a new born baby, something that many users will find reassuring. The outer cover comprises of 4-5 card slots plus 1 or 2 cash pockets (model dependent) and an elastic enclosure to keep it all together. What impressed me the most with the icon wallet was the very slim profile it maintained even with cards in each of the slots, this is no easy feat when it comes to cases of this nature and they have nailed it here on the design.

The solo wallet is a different affair, a functional yet elegant real leather felt lined snap on case with 2-3 card slots, wrap around protection on the corners and a sexy modern styling. The solo wallet is a very slim and convenient choice for those wanting to eliminate even further bulk and stick with the simple is better principle. The card slots are very easy to access and I had no issues removing and replacing cards while in line at Starbucks (the ultimate test).

Hex continues to impress with their line of premium cases for the iPhone.

Buy yours at – HEX Icon Wallet Case for iPhone 6 (Black Leather)

Or – HEX Solo Wallet Case for iPhone 6 – Black


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