Moshi Overture wallet for iPhone 6/6s+

In the search for the perfect wallet case and trolling many review sites for some guidance, I finally stumbled across the Overture wallet from Moshi.

Made from a synthetic waterproof material with suede accent, the Overture is a modern and stylish wallet case most suited to the business professional.

The inside flap contains three slots for credit cards, IDs, cash and the like, along with a Neato screen cleaner, a gimmicky addition but nice to have nonetheless. The inner cover is where I ran into my first gripe, the card slots, they’re just too darn deep, the cards sink and are very hard to access afterwards. I am not sure if this is poor design or design by function. Maybe to hide the cards? Either way, I found them very challenging to remove after inserting, something you don’t want in a wallet case.

The TPU frame that cradles the phone is well made and covers the exterior of the phone but unfortunately is very difficult to remove (should you ever have to) and the buttons are a little tough to press. However, I do welcome the added protection instead of the snap in cases I am most accustomed to with other wallet cases.

With both the phone and cards loaded, the case does bulk out and doesn’t close entirely, this is where an elastic snap or enclosure could have helped.

Minor negatives aside, a highlight of this case is the folding stand function which did work very well and made content viewing a breeze. This adds another level of functional usability a folio case for such a large phone should have. Moshi nailed this part of the case!

Despite some design rethinks, this case is not a bad option compared to many of the other poorly made cases that are out there in the world of cellphone accessories. It is a tad pricey but it is a quality product and as the old adage says, you get what you pay for.

Buy yours at – Moshi Overture Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6s (Black)


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