Nomad wallet for iPhone

Most of us now carry some form of external battery or in-car charger when it comes to charging our devices on the go. Unfortunately, battery technology has not gotten us very far when it comes to moderate to heavy use of our tablets and smartphones. Now, if it not that bulky battery pack weighing down your pocket then it is probably your wallet, our readers know all to well about my quest to eliminate the wallet from my pocket. However, what if there is a way to eliminate that unwanted heft from your skinny jeans and charge your device at the same time? Nomad has found the solution with the Wallet.

Crafted from genuine saffiano leather, a very slim and high density lithium ion rechargeable battery is inconspicuously integrated into the spine of the wallet, allowing you to fully charge your iPhone to 100% while on the go. Now, the best part of the wallet is not even the fact that there is an external battery but also an Apple certified lightning cable hidden inside the fold of the wallet with its own little hiding pouch that is very easy to use.

The build quality is excellent, featuring high crush strength aluminum casing, high strength poly-carbonate end caps and black saffiano leather. Even with the integrated battery, it does not add any more bulk than the average wallet would, which is a stroke of genius by Nomad.

Check it out at





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