Pad and Quill Little pocket book and Traveler case for iPhone 6/6s+

In part 2 of my quest to find the perfect iPhone wallet case, I set my sights on finding the most luxurious cases money could buy. The folks over at Pad and Quill met the call and generously sent me the Luxury Pocket Book and Traveler cases.

First impressions matter and the Luxury Pocket Book sure does catch the eye. Not only was it packaged well with a beautiful wax seal but upon opening one can’t help but remark that the case itself is a thing of beauty. Made from super soft genuine American full grain leather and featuring a real Baltic Birch hardwood cradle, this case was made for someone who appreciates the finer things in life. The construction alone puts this case above and beyond the others with its hand stitched French hem seams and hand finished wood build.

One thing that sets this case apart as far as a wallet case is concerned is the 5 card slots that comprise the inner flap. This is a surprising bonus given that on average there is usually only 3. Even more surprising was an additional space behind the card slots for bills, receipts or anything really! The crew over at Pad and Quill have really nailed it on the design both in and out.

The cradle that holds the phone is not only sturdy, but the iPhone effortlessly slides in and fits like a glove. The wooden enclosure also effortlessly manages to leave all the ports and buttons accessible. It is very classy, Ron Burgundy classy! It should also be noted that the leather and wood construction offers good if not great protection from drops. The friction pads built into the cradle clasp the iPhone very securely without any fear of it slipping out.

It should also be noted that the case also comes with an elasticized strap to keep the folio cover firmly closed. The front cover can also be secured at the back using the elastic as to not obscure during a phone call. This is a noticeable feature that many other cases fail to realize as being important.

Pad & Quill have also added their own stylistic signature ribbon bookmark, it stylishly finishes the case and makes it immediately noticeable to the buyer that the people at the company labor over every detail for every inch of the case.

Best of all, there is also the opportunity to customize each case. Both the inner and outer design of the case can be made to meet your needs with a variety of different color combinations and personalization options such as branding on the leather cover.

The only caveat to such a beautiful case is the added bulk to the very thin design of the iPhone. However, one must also remember that you are removing another object, your wallet, from your pocket with such a purchase and that is a trade-off I can deal with.

Then, when I thought I could never love another case again, along comes the unassuming Traveler case. A different motif but equally as stylish. The Traveler case also features the same American full grain leather of its bigger brother with orange parachute grade hand stitching which Pad and Quill dedicates to World Vision.

One thing evident about this case is its intricate construction. It is strong, sturdy and a little easier on the pocket, something that some may prefer over the beefier Pocket Book. The 3M clean adhesive serves to secure the phone into the case and guarantee a trouble free and reassuring experience.

The rear pockets at the back of the case to hold cards and cash are a clever addition, it is a more slim line version of a wallet case but equally as effective. I found you could comfortably carry 2-3 cards and a folded bill or two with ease.

I will say truthfully that I was never a fan of leather style cases but these little gems have won me over. They do change the overall phone handling experience but not in a bad way, they are both luxurious options for those wanting to ditch the wallet and look dapper at the same time!

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