Rhinoshield crash guard for iPhone

The iPhone 6/6s plus are a big phone, I mean BIG! So when seeking out some sort of protection for something this size, I decided to forgo big bulky cases and try a bumper case and I am I glad I did. I found love in the Crash Guard by Rhino Shield.

There is nothing fancy about this bumper. It is slim, light and strong and looks great. Powered by Egg drop technology, don’t ask me what that means, it provides full coverage protection and has a great lip on both the front and back for your device. This means you can drop it or lay it flat on a table and still feel protected.

All buttons and ports are very accessible and easy to press and Rhino Shield claims it to be compatible with most third party accessories which I found to be true.

The bundle also comes with front and rear screen protectors to avoid scratching the aluminum body or screen of your idevice, which is clever thinking on their behalf.

It has a military drop test rating but I wouldn’t go testing it too thoroughly and also features reinforced corners for added reassurance.

The Rhino Shield Crash Guard bumper is a great option for keeping your device slim, pocket-able but protected!

Buy yours at – iPhone 6s Case – RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper Bundle [Military Green] – Includes Protective Bumper Case and Impact Resistant Front/Back RhinoShield Screen Protectors [11 FT 360° Drop Protection] for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s


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