Tmbr wallet case for iPhone

The Tmbr wallet case for iPhone is a hybrid construction case that uses real hardwood accents and high quality vinyl to construct a slim and pocket-able wallet case for people on the go.

It’s open book styling also includes 2 inner card slots and a well crafted poly-carbonate soft touch phone casing to secure your device. A unique feature of this case is on the outer wooden edge/trim are some hidden magnets that keep the phone closed. I will admit this is a welcome change from the elasticized strap or magnetic clasp.

However, this case does function better as a folio than a wallet case because I soon discovered that with cards in the two slots, the magnets no longer function as advertised which was a little annoying but simply changed the type of case consumers would purchase this for.

Nonetheless, Tmbr does impress with its impressive styling and is suited for those looking for something different to wrap their phones in.

Buy yours at – iPhone 6 Wood Case, Wallet iPhone 6 6s Wooden Case, Made From Walnut Wood & Black Vinyl


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