Withings Activite` Steel Smartwatch

As a society we have grown hungry for information and automation, we want everything to be connected and communicating. We want the products we use to have seamless integration into our lives; to learn from us and us from them. We want to be able to control the things that matter to us with the tap of a button or the launch of an app. Born from this hunger is the desire for our devices to observe what makes us tick – track our motions, our sleep patterns and even what we eat. Then the smartwatch came along. While many of the big players have their hand in the honey pot of this new technology, many offerings are big, clunky and really not all that accurate. Then came the Withings Activite` Steel smartwatch.

The Activite` steel is not like other smartwatches on the market. It is sleek, modern and sexy and will not foolishly read you minuscule emails or weather details or cost you an arm and a leg to get one. Constructed from 316L stainless steel with chrome hands and double-domed glass, it also features a soft silicone sport strap and 9 different colors for ultimate comfort and versatility.  Simply put, it looks like an elegant, expensive and well crafted Swiss watch but does so much more than that!

There’s no charging and no button to press — the Activité Steel automatically tracks everything via patented Connected Movement™ Technology. An analog subdial gives you continuous, clear insights on your daily activity progress while autonomously syncing results in the Health Mate app to provide you with in-depth metrics, personal coaching and more. Also. if you are an extrinsically motivated, the app rewards you with different levels of achievement to give you that extra push.

What really surprised me about this product was its ability to determine the type of activity I was doing without having to select that function on an app or push a button. It knew exactly when I was running, swimming or cycling for how far and how long. I did not have to track or map anything.

Now if all of this hasn’t sold you, would you like to track your sleep patterns? Well it does that too! You can view deep and light sleep, wake ups, and sleep duration and as an added bonus, my personal favorite, you can even set the alarm function and have the watch itself gently vibrate on your arm to wake you. No more beeps, buzzers or bells!

This truly is a smartwatch in a league of it’s own. It’s a smartwatch for people that don’t like smartwatches. It is unassuming and brilliant and does everything you could want from a product like this with ease and accuracy.

Buy yours at – Withings Activité Steel – Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch – Mineral Glass and Stainless Steel


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