For a long time, I didn’t really care about what held man bits in. I was a traditional briefs man – they were simple, practical and seemed to hug my nether regions just right. Admittedly, I had tried boxer briefs but they always seemed too constricting and the cotton rubbing on my thighs was just never a pleasant experience. That got me thinking, there has to be a better boxer out there that not only looks good but also feels comfortable. Welcome the BamBoxer.

Bamboxers is the brainchild of 5 siblings who wanted to find the most comfortable underwear they would ever put on. Following an 18-month design and manufacturing arc they finally settled on some insanely comfortable boxers thanks to the use of a bamboo fiber construction. The result? You get some insanely strong, lush and very comfortable boxers in some very eye catching colors.

The boxers themselves also check all the right boxes as far as underwear are concerned. They are tagless, provide just the right amount of stretch to prevent riding up, have a super soft waistband, perfect pouch and are simply great for lounging or conquering the world.

Everyone should own a pair of Bamboxes and ditch those tighty-whities today!

Buy yours at – Bamboxers Bamboo Boxer Briefs (X-Large, Scooter Teal)


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