Casual Strains T-shirts

On the lookout for some t-shirts for the Summer? Want to stand out with some very creative designs and color choices? Want to wear some unstereotyped cannabis strain clothing? Then Casual Strains have the t-shirt for you!

Their t-shirts are made from an incredibly soft ring spun cotton with great drape, stretch and recovery. I appreciated the fact that the shirts were made with more of an athletic cut in mind. They are not fitted but tapered and conform to the body comfortably. They also wear well, after a few washes – they still held their shape and color superbly.

Each t-shirt is accompanied by the strain of cannabis that inspired both the color and design on their website which was definitely an informative experience.

The best of all, at the time of writing this article, every t-shirt they sell is on sale for $4.20 plus $4.20 for shipping, that is a saving of $22.

Don’t hesitate, check out Casual Strains at


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