Botta-Design Uno Carbon watch

In the increasingly technological world of smartwatches it easy to feel lost in the wild and wishing for the days of old. Why can’t I just wear a watch that doesn’t answer calls, or respond to texts or tell me the weather. Why can’t I just wear a watch and have it tell me the time and date and still look damn sexy doing it? Botta-Design has the answer with their classic Uno watch – not smartwatch!

The Uno Carbon features a large 44mm watch face that is accented with carbon blue coloring, double-domed sapphire glass and finished with beautiful black genuine leather straps.

Klaus Botta the designer of the Uno watch has been working in the industry since 1986 and designs innovative yet simple watches that embody the “form follows function” principle. Botta-Design strive to design watches that don’t add any more complexity to our day to day lives and allow us to appreciate the value of tradition. A principle I can get behind.

After wearing the watch this past week, many people have actually taken note especially it’s striking look. A standout feature of the Uno watch is the single hand dial that works like a car speedometer, the hour hand makes one full revolution in twelve hours and with the different markings on the watch face they have managed to include the functionality of the minute hand. It is a different perception of time and a more relaxed approach to how you view time throughout your busy day.

I really have appreciated the simplicity of a solid timepiece, there is nothing to charged nor be worried about damaging. It is a practical, simple and appealing take on tradition and more importantly tells me what I only need to know – the time and date!

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