The Ridge Wallet

As jeans get skinnier, phones get bigger and our pockets get fuller there is a new trend for men’s wallets to become less bulky and more streamlined. Where accessing your most needed cards and even cash should be simple. We no longer have to finger our way through a fat leather wallet (and I don’t mean fat – in the rolling in the Benjamin’s kind of way) Thanks to the Ridge wallet, your wallet can now carry all of the essentials while staying the size of a standard credit card.

The Ridge re-evaluates your everyday carry and gets rid of the bulk. Crafted from two very thin pieces of aluminum with an elastic strap that allows you to open one side in a V-shaped fashion and insert cards. The Ridge wallet is the perfect blend of form and function. It can carry up to 12 cards and the elastic which surrounds the wallet can also be used to secure some bills for added convenience. There is also an additional option for a money clip. The Ridge also blocks RFID to prevent wireless theft and both the screws and elastic are replaceable, should you ever need to.

After using the wallet this past week I have to say it really is such an ingenuous way to slim down that leather bi-fold into something very unassuming and hardly noticeable. The two pieces of aluminum are finished in a nice matte black (other options available) and the elastic strap holds my cards between them very securely. Accessing them is a breeze using the simple thumb notch and the ability to also carry some cash on the outer part of the strap is clever.

If you want simplicity and function in a slim wallet and also protect yourself from those trying to steal your information, then this wallet is for you.

Check them out at

For something comparable, also check out – BRYK RFID Credit Card Stainless Steel Protector, Black (BME-SSB)


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