Vitaly watches

I’ve always said a man is made by the way he chooses to use his time and the only way to truly track the minutes you have in your day is with the help of a great watch. I’m not talking about those fancy smartwatch types, just a classy, professional and dare I day – edgy timepiece. Vitaly specializes in structural, contemporary accessories for the modern man and their watches are no exception.

Their SOHO model, featuring a flat bezel and ultra-minimal dial also include a hidden crown and disappearing band. The appearance is quite striking, a black on black design with the dials and numbers in gold accent, this watch is a thing of beauty. After trying it this past week, I would argue that this is a watch for people who don’t like watches. It is very unassuming and has a modern styling; it’s the type of watch James Bond might wear if he didn’t need one that fired lasers! A massive 40mm dial, genuine pebble leather band and sapphire crystal glass makes this a must have when you need something sexy to clasp your other wrist besides your lady.

The BASEL model is a different affair, it is a sleek Swiss-movement timepiece with an even larger 42 mm front, the same pebble leather band and sapphire glass plus a hidden crown and disappearing band. The gold watch face takes this to another level class-wise. It is a very refined looking watch and one that would pair well with a good suit, some fine wine or just to look good for a night on the town. When I wore this out and about, I was often asked “what watch is that?”, in my own experience, people were impressed by the black on gold coloring and the overall aesthetic beauty.

Needless to say, Vitaly make some classy, minimalist watches that have both a touch of edge or that splash of elegance to complete the modern mans ensemble.

Buy yours today at – Vitaly Design Stainless Steel Matte Black Watch w/ Mesh Band


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