Electric Stacker Sunglasses

In the Summer heat, with all the great outdoor activities we do, you want a pair of sunglasses that go beyond being just a practical fashion accessory that just protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. The Electric Stacker sunglasses were born out of necessity – the need to block not only light but also the dust and wind too and look damn stylish while doing it.

The Stacker fuses uncompromising style and performance, resulting in Electric’s most technically advanced frame ever. Innovation is key here, the big idea with this fair of frames is the soft touch removable eye mask designed to block light and the elements to keep your eyes safe during use and it works very well. Electric has managed to make their shades protective but not look like your grandparent’s prescription cataract sunglasses.

What I found very useful was also their lens ventilation system that directs airflow up the lens and through hidden vents between the lens and frame. I think this is a very useful feature for athletes or runners like myself that suffer from lens fogging. Not to mention, the frame also includes very useful anti-slip nose and ear grips that are hidden into the frame for stability.

What surprised me most was the quality of construction, the Stacker’s grylamid frames are extremely lightweight and have a high tensile strength and heat resistance. Their Melanin infused lenses also block harmful UV & HEV blue light, relaxing your eyes and providing vivid, crisp, clear, haze free vision. In my testing, I was continually impressed by just how sharp and clear these sunglasses were, especially during driving.

Electric really has a winner here on their hands, they have managed to craft stylish, protective and hardy sunglasses that are a must have for the Summer.

Buy yours at – Electric Stacker Sunglasses Matte Black/Rose OHM+, One Size


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